SFOS 4.5 aiming for a January release - @JollaHQ twitter account

When Jolla advertised SFOS 4.4 for the Xperia 10 iii as “the best Sailfish OS experience of any of our devices, by a wide margin”, there was not a single word about non-functional mobile data with major carriers. That’s an issue you won’t fix by some workarount as a user.
If the root cause is a bug in AOSP, and Jolla is unable to fix it, then the Xperia 10 iii is simply the wrong device for SFOS, especially as the current flagship device.


for me, the biggest problem is (and probably always was) Jolla not being really open about state of the things… I understand the lack of financing, the loss of biggest investor. And i kind of anticipate that the things become worse in terms of delivering updates. But they always keep so quite. Not a single news in half a year… We, users who have been with jolla for many years and Jolla itself, are kind of in a same boat. And it would be “easier” if they were more open about things.


Exactly, they should just dump AOSP/Android alltogether.

Please next time when you post miserable 50 euros please remember that in some parts of this world some people need to work really hard to earn that much so concider yourself lucky

For some paying that much means at least some support, but getting device with so many bugs is the quite opposite.

Really hope this update will fix at least some things instead of killing the device


Some years ago I was working with an HK company that made cellphones.
They had no - zero - information from Qualcomm about the chips. Above them was a design house that made the reference designs and packaged up android for multiple manufacturers. According to their people, they had pretty abbreviated information from Qualcomm, and got some help from QC rather than raw information. The chipset was not documented (to them - perhaps google and apple get to see comprehensive datasheets) beyond what was needed for the electronic design. The internal modules were not documented, there were just blobs from QC to run them.

So (at that time) the likes of Jolla, or anyone else cannot make a full software stack regardless of time and money.

Even if you look at the Pinephone, it uses a QC chipset in its usb controlled cellular modem - but that modem has been jailbroke, and guess what? It runs android.

Now this was all a decade ago, and what I was told, perhaps it’s different now, and QC have embraced unicorns and rainbows.


Oh thats very interesting SLA they got from qualcomm; how comes a hw vendor like qualcomm would ship a closed product? Meaning as a customer, owning a (probably very) expensive product like a hw platform would make you think youd get full control on the stack…odd. Do all gps/radio modem manufacturers act like this? Did Nokia too? Does samsung? Sony?
Edit: found this

The secret second operating system that could make every mobile phone insecure - ExtremeTech

quite surprising to see a global, critical infrastructure relying on " security by obscurity".
But i guess it might have to do with lack of open de-facto standards/its just the way they roll ?

How long have some people in some parts of the world to work for a 300 Euro Sony phone and a computer to flash it? Tell me please! And maybe think a little before you moralize next time!


Try full month, 160 hours of working just to buy phone+licence. But this will be a full paycheck only for the phone. No eating, no paid bills, no room to live in.

And so you have to spend more (Phone+Licence) to get less than phone with android.

And let’s say you will save some money each month, and after a 2 years or so you can buy it to find out you spend your hard working money for miserable os

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What shall i try, and why? To find out what? For the income of a full month i would surely not buy any smartphone.

It is not so much the modem as the whole platform, including application CPU.
AFAIK Nokia didn’t do so much of their HW platform, but bought it from TI that were pretty good with Linux and other SW support. I’m not sure how much Samsung really sell to others (Odroid is the only i could find with a quick search), but the situation seems very similar there; some blobs and mainlining done mainly by enthusiasts. Sony didn’t make platforms either, those were from (ST-)Ericsson, and later Qualcomm.

Jolla was going to use a ST-Ericsson solution for the J1, since they came with actual Linux support (as opposed to Android support), but they (ST-E) failed before it could start shipping.

Since none of these exist in any relevant capacity anymore, it is basically Android-centric hardware or no hardware - even for rolling your own (see Jolla 1, Jolla C). Dropping AOSP as a base is thus unfortunately not realistic.


The last posts are all off toppic…:speak_no_evil:


The only thing I’m unhappy with is that Jolla just posted this on Twitter - especially these days has Twitter get’s more strange every day.
I would have preferred a direct word to the community like a post here in the forum and at blog.jolla.com (last post there is from May!!!).

I hope for working Hotspot on 10 III, improved camera and GPS features…


Thanks @attah for this insight! I guess then its purely a SLA thing (=money).
Considering that Qualcomm is practically the only one left? in this business I mean (which doesnt necessarily imply closed ecosystem)

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I would expect a news letter by the end of this week


That’s also what I think. I don’t even have Twitter and have no intention to get it, especially after what that id**t Elon did to it and to his employees…
And I have not the time to check every website Jolla could be active on.
That is something that should be posted here or in the blog first
After they can post it in Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok or wherever they want.

Jolla started the Blog to inform us, the community. And at the beginning they did monthly. I also remember the time the CEO wrote a Christmas entry.
That is what a “people powered” company should do.


i have nothing against twitter - or elon turning it into a viable business - but it is strange to get the silent treatment on the company’s own outlets (the forum and the blog).


Companies post little things like this on just social media all the time, it’s nothing new

A £320 phone + 50€ license has nothing mandatory.

Although I regret my N900 and would have prefered to modernize it,

I’m using SFOS on a 80€ second hand XA2 since a year.
I am very happy with it.

I even could have avoided the license as I finally don’t need android.
But the license is the least I can do to give back to Jolla a bit.
I appreciate SF alternative OS so much that I even make donations to apps devs and/or pay them some coffees.

This formula seems more constructive to me than being alone and a bit sour with an expensive brand new phone.

Alternative OSes might perhaps be seen more as an ideal to reach, a philosophy, a common effort,
rather than
a typical consumer good with warranties and consumer service.

SFOS also can be tested on even cheaper devices before to decide to dedicate an expensive phone to it.


again, to be clear:

  1. i have bought every sailish-X license jolla have put up for sale, regardless of whether i own the handset or intend to install it on one that i do possess.

  2. i do not begrudge in any way that jolla have settled on sony mid-range handsets - which tend to cost north of £300. great devices, happy to purchase.

for ref - Xperia X = SFOS (toy) / Xperia XA2 Plus = SFOS (daily driver) / Xperia 10 = Licence (don’t own) / Xperia 10ii = Licence (android app device) / Xperia 10iii = SFOS (new daily driver - when it gets mobile data).


Yes, it’s clear that a noadays phone with no data is a serious lack.