SFOS 4.5 aiming for a January release - @JollaHQ twitter account


First Question:

Does this release attempt to address the many and general mobile-data problems 10iii users have experienced?

Maybe not all, but hopefully:
a) specific mobile provider config probs where identified, and;
b) general problems in the ofono stack that explain the large number of 10iii issues

I’m wondering why this information is posted on Twitter and not here in the forum by Jolla?


Because they don’t have to?


Well, i’m not holding my breath in hope it’ll fix any of the major SFOS problems, but hey, at least something gonna be updated

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So probably not adding a fediverse account type :wink:

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Nonono on Linkedin they were just advertising a christmas present ! :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth:

Where’s my present, Jolla-Sa(n)ta(na) :smiley:

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Different password for LUKS boot-up unlock should arrive with it.


Or why there’s no fediverse account to follow instead of that birdsite. Handled by the same marketing team which uses MS Word for their communications? I’m disappointed, but not surprised in this regard.

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Working mobile network connectivity, maybe?


or echo cancellation? … Pulseaudio has even a module for that feature.

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In the meantime, I bought three Fairphones 4, https://www.fairphone.com
One for my best friend.
One for testing https://iode.tech
The other one for https://e.foundation
With one of mine I will also test https://postmarketos.org

Nice article: https://9to5linux.com/postmarketos-22-12-released-with-support-for-fairphone-4-and-galaxy-tab-2-10-1

In the meantime, I will turn off my Sony. I hope that will reduce the battery load.

Things I find interesting:

I sincerely hope that I will eventually come to the conclusion that SailfishOS was the best choice with my Sony Xperia 10 mark 3.

I wish everyone a Blessed Christmas and a Healthy 2023.




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I quite don’t get why so many people are complaining that rude about certain SfOS problems - Jolla is probably really struggling after having lost one of their most important financial investors but SfOS is IMHO the most advanced smartphone OS besides android and iOS.
Feel free to use Ubuntu phone or Plasma mobile or whatever but don’t expect anything to work better. Yes, SfOS is somewhat commercial, but, come on, these 49$ are peanuts and do not cover Jolla costs by any means. And, SfOS is somewhat FOSS in large parts, so, instead of bullying feel free to contribute and improve the OS yourself.


at least in so far as mobile-data is concerned; if i have spent £320 on a phone, and a further £40 on an additional phone OS, then at a minimum i demand mobile data (not to mention call functionality when 3G is turned off in 2023).

if this is not what i get for my money then there are plenty of cheaper ways to make a small tablet. i could for example buy a £90 android handset and simply not put a sim card in it…

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A device intended for use with mobile data does not work with mobile data, and nothing has been done in 6 months. Reactions are even too mild in my opinion.
If the precondition to using SFOS were that I had to build it myself and possibly solve bugs in code in order to use it, I would be using something else. I have a different full-time job to earn a living.

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Glad to see the much anticipated released is slowly coming by.
Hopefully there is more than bug fixes or under the hood changes.
My devices are eager for it! :smile:


I really do think that U and ppl like U don’t really get it.
Of cource U’re free to buy the cheapest shit U want and still get the things done, which U do need to get done.
But still - by using Sailfish OS, U buy yourself freedom, while getting stuff dine - sth. what’s way more worth than the miserable 50 €uro U’re paying for a license.
So pls. be grateful and more kind.

I do thank U in advance!


that’s an entertaining notion directed at someone who bought a Nokia N900, an N9, then every SailfishX device licence Jolla have released a licence for. much lols for you my good sir!

It is the “getting stuff done” bit that is the problem that i am sincerely hoping will be fixed in 4.5.


Do feel free to find it however U want. Just stop whining around, ok?!
I’m also using Jolla since the JP1 and yes - plenty of stuff were not the way I wanted 'em - still I always found a way to get MY STUFF done - one way or another. Still I never played the role of cry baby, but dealed with the issues the way I could (If I say like a man, I do know U ain’t gotta get it).
And yes - I’ve always had in mind Jolla has limited ressources, hense I never bought myself the latest supported device, but the best supported one, as for now the Xperia 10ii is.
So If U weren’t able to figure that out, do get mad to yourself. Not to Jolla.
Peace out!