Set cell broadcast Meassage-ID

I just learned about the specifications of the upcomming German puplic alert system: SMS-Cell-Broadcast: Erste technische Details zum Empfang - News (article in German).
The CB Message-IDs 4370 and 919 will be utilized to transmit warnings. Is it possible to enable reception of these channels?


What makes you say they are off?
This suggests you are half-right, and that it should be coming sooner or later:

I always thought channels are not available until they are subscribed (except for some standardized emergency alerts).
Currently I don’t receive any CB messages even though my provider should still transmit some information about the basestation on channel 221. How to enable reception?


I was also looking for a way to “turn them on” since in August that I was in Greece there were weather emergency alerts issued from the national emergecny alert system and I didn’t receive anything. Therefore assumed there is a setting to “turn on”.


Today was the big day. But on my Sony XA2 Plus DualSIM with Vodafon and O2 there was no warning-massage. On the device one+ (Nord) with Android 11 and DT. Telekom everything was fine.
So… what to do? The Sony H4413 is on the compatibility-list…

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