Separating QML components from closed source and publishing them to git

This is pretty much a continuation from the August 21st Community Meeting.

Currently, any fixes to general apps’ (like Calendar, Phone etc.) QML components can be done via patches. There are multiple fixes/ideas proposed by the community already, but contributing into these Apps is made practically impossible.

Spirit of the idea would be that Jolla publishes the sources of these QML components to git. Preferably in a way that it also allows migrating changes done to these repositories back to their private repository as easily as possible. This way community could help with common problems with these apps and even propose changes to them.

One way to achieve this could be to separate QML components into git submodule, and publish those to git. That would be the best implementation in terms of keeping the repository up to date and allow changes seamlessly flow into both directions. But since I am not fully aware how the apps are constructed, I am not sure if this is possible.

Personally, it would also be nice that you could apply these proposed changes in your phone easily. Maybe Patch Manager could still be used for this, if there is no official way.

This does not mean that every or any of the community suggestions were merged, but it would provide us a correct communication channel to make these changes. Some of the discussion is tied to TJC or this forum, but having actual working prototypes is much better than having just talk about possible changes.


21.8.2020 - Meeting Action: @maajussi is going to dig more on this topic and get back to the community.


Update 15.10.2020 maajussi: No news available at the moment to share. Need to come back to this later.