Separate numeric keyboard

Hi to all,
quite often I need to separate numeric keyboard. Only one I found is numeric keyboard from tmi on openrepos, but on on xperia x is shifted down too much and last line is not visible.
I need:

Could someone be so kind and adapt it or fork it? Tmi seems to be not active anymore.

And Enter key could be handy too :slight_smile:

Keyboards are reeeally easy to make yourself.

Look how any keyboard layout package does it, create your own files, and edit them.

The files are found in /usr/share/maliit/plugins/com/jolla/layouts/. You need at least two files, a mylayout.conf and a mylayout.qml file.

The conf file looks like this:

name=My Numeric KBD

(That last line turns off suggestions which are quite useless for a numerc kbd. For regular layouts you may want to turn this on.)

Now the mylayout.qml is a bit more complicated but after looking at some examples it’s easy to figure out.

The basic structure is

import QtQuick 2.0
import ".."

KeyboardLayout {
    KeyboardRow {
        CharacterKey { caption:  "1" }
        CharacterKey { caption:  "2"  }
        CharacterKey { caption:  "3"  }
        EnterKey {}

This creates a custom keyboard with one row and four keys, 1, 2, and 3, and Enter.


Yeah, I was.thinking about making one, but I realised that is no necessary because tmi has already made one. But I dont know how to fix it.
And on the other hand, why should I make some and spend my time on it, when it is present on sfos already - when you have some field to fill numbers, that numeric keyboard appears automatically. So I would like to find a way how to make this built-in numeric keyboard appear in the list of keyboards and made it active everywhere

AFAIK that is triggered by an inputMethodHints property on text fields, see: Silica Reference Documentation - Sailfish OS

So basically each inputfiled on each application can optionally set that and it will bring up the numeric keyboard.

To make it available generally you likely have to make a separate one still.

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So i decided to try to edit tmi’s numeric keyboard. Solution was easy - only edited height :slight_smile: and I was so happy that i made oldschool nokia 3310 keyboard too :smiley: so if there is someone who is capable to publish it on storeman, i can provide qml and conf files :slight_smile:


Would also be cool to share them here :–)