Self transferring a licence

Please add to jolla account pages possibility to transfer the licence between a user phones within the same licence group (eg between two XA2)


customer service can do this for you, i believe. i also would love the ability to do it myself, and to see the licenses+IMEIs purchased for my account

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Why would they do that? One license per phone is the main rule.


if you break your phone and buy another one, why should you have to buy another software license?
its not about adding additional phones for free, its about TRANSFERRING an existing license to a new imei


I know that Jolla has transferred the license in some special cases, but it’s not something they have to do. If so, it is pure kindness.

For example, you might try to transfer a Windows license from one computer to another. They probably won’t even respond to you.


yea, i didnt say they have to, or that they are crooks for not doing it, just that it makes sense for them to do that, and it would be really great if they let us do it.


Well, if you ask me it doesn’t make sense.
I don’t know what it might cost, in terms of man-time worked, to transfer a license, but I’m pretty sure it costs more than the original license fee.

You can see your licences/IMEIs if you log in to your Jolla account.


oh snap, never saw the tab. thanks!
(p.s.: oh my god, i have TWELVE licenses?? TWELVE?!)

i mean, in the current system, where you have to call customer support, and then they may or may not do it (although they do seem to always do it) yes, it costs them money in support.

but i mean, when purchasing a software license, there is an expectation of support. also, a policy of NOT transferring your license when your phone is lost, stolen, or broken would not sit right with me, and i doubt that they would want to enforce this.

development cost for making a self-management console in the store would be non-trivial for sure, although the cost might be offset somewhat by decreased support costs. there may also be some 3rd party that does the imei lookups and verifications for a fee, which would complicate things, although i suspect the customer support rep updates the imei in a db and moves on to the next request.

also, weird example. windows licenses, purchased separately like sailfish licenses, are in fact transferable, by policy. there is an automated system for doing it (although it is an automated telephone system, not a website).


Actually that would be nice. I broke my sim pins somehow and ordered a new 10 III since my 10 V is still waiting for support.
It would be nice if I didn’t have to wait for a transfer and I could do it myself. I have no clue how long it will take though so maybe it’s not important? I’m just guessing it will take 1-2 weeks based on previous contact with support (questions regarding predictive text, not a transfer request).

I was referring to the oem licence almost all civilians have. They are bound to the chipset/motherboard of one machine, just like Sailfish license.


Because the phone I bought got broken and I could get a replacement with different IMEI.

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On Friday 5 March 2021 I asked support for a license transfer and it was completed on Monday 9 March 2021 at 9 am.


So 1-2 business days. Not bad!
Thank you.

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except that is explicitly NOT like the sailfish license, as the OEM licensed machine is sold ONLY with that license, and the software cost is baked into the sale price, through a business partnership between Microsoft and Dell or whoever.

BUT Microsoft also DOES sell Windows licenses, EXACTLY like the sailfish license. those are also bound to one machine only, and you CAN transfer that license to another single machine after disabling and deleting the license on the initial machine…exactly like the OP is requesting.

edit: note that if Sony and Jolly Boys entered a partnership to sell Xperia SF I or whatever, license transferring wouldn’t be an issue because every Xperia SF I would have that license…the same way that it is not an issue for the OEM computer running windows. your selected example is actually a decent argument for Jolly Boys to do this by policy, instead of as a kindness.


Not necessarily, I have built my own and some others computers about 40 years now, and I have bought oem licenses for them all, because they are cheaper and that I don’t need microsoft support.
Well, since about ten years I don’t do windows any more, but I can see it still works the same way.

What I’m saying is that you don’t need to buy a ready made computer, to get an oem license. You just have to install the OS your self… just like Sailfish OS.

My overall point is that IMO a Sailfish license is more like an oem license then the retail one, because it’s not transferable by default.

This will be my last reply on this matter, because I don’t have the energy to argue, and you will never see my point of view anyway.




this is a moving target to try to make your argument fit. vast majority of windows license users have the off-the-shelf oem license. anyway, it is OBVIOUS which windows licensing scheme is more similar to the a la carte sailfish license, and that one happens to be transferable.

this is not true. the argument you were making is that similar licenses are non-transferable, and therefore the SFOS license SHOULD be non-transferable. you cannot use ‘is non-transferable’ as your requirement for finding a similar license, since that’s the thing you are arguing about, especially when an otherwise-much-more-similar license exists and is sold side-by-side with the example you gave and is transferable.

=> there is a reason that the microsoft oem license is non-transferable, and that reason does not apply to sailfish, and it does not apply to the transferable windows license. the oem license is sold to system builders, not endusers, and the business model takes this into account.

i mean, i think i do see your point of view. jolly boys shouldnt do things that will hurt their business model, and they dont have an obligation to do so. i emphatically want to make sure they get as much money as possible.
but re-selling the same license because your phone was stolen feels bad to the enduser, and it probably wont get them any more money in the end. jollyboys seems to agree, since they seem to ALWAYS transfer it when someone asks (to the best of my knowledge). it would be nice if this policy were confirmed, instead of making them seem like they are bestowing a favor.

It was in 2021, I have serious doubts whether it would be similar now.
BTW, I encourage you to like the title post :wink:

oh? do you have a specific reason to believe the policy may have changed? i cannot recall the last time i asked for a license transfer, but they did it at least twice for me, and it cant be too long ago (certainly not since the jollyboys restructure, though, so im a bit worried)

I infer this from the speed of troubleshooting and my asking about the license before purchasing

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