Secondary users and dual SIM usability

REPRODUCIBILITY (% or how often): 100%
BUILD ID = OS VERSION (Settings > About product): 3.4.0.
HARDWARE (Jolla1, Tablet, XA2,…): Xperia X F5122
REGRESSION: (compared to previous public release: Yes, No, ?): unknown


In Settings -> SIM cards (available most likely on dual SIM phones only), users other than “defaultuser” are not allowed to change SIM card activation (UI greyed out).

1st problem: 2ndary users also don’t have the option to change which SIM card to use, resp select “Always ask” in Settings- > SIM cards --> Use SIM card

2nd problem: If one card is intentionally disabled by defaultuser (admin), 2ndary users are restricted from enabling via Settings- > SIM cards but can use Settings -> Cellular data -> SIM2 | Disabled -> enable to simply activate it. This makes no sense. Either 2ndary useres are intentionally restricted to alter SIM card status, or they should be allowed to do it also in the more canoncical settings dialog.

But really nasty is that I can’t select which card to use as 2ndary user!
If only one is active, the corresponding UI dialog “Use SIM card” is greyed out.
If both cards are active, this dialog isn’t greyed out, but not usable anyways - no selection shows up for 2ndary users, only defaultuser can select an option for her account.


Dual SIM phone with two SIM cards and at least one additional user (other than defaultuser - admin).


  1. see description


2ndary users can select “Always ask” in Settings- > SIM cards --> Use SIM card (which applies to outgoing call/sms).
Restrict SIM card status changing for other users then defaultuser only, if defaultuser enforces such a restriction. In that case, the “trick” with enabling via Settings -> Cellular data mustn’t work.


2nd SIM only usable by defaultuser for outgoing calls/sms.


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