Searching Croatian Keyboard layout for SFOS

in SF1.x we had much more language choices. Now In SF4.x I would need a Croatian keyboard layout but I can’t find one. An old one is existing in Openrepos but it’s not compatible with the current SF4.x.

How can I solve this?

There is official Slovenian one which you can use for starting point for modifying the one in the Openrepos and creating your own keyboard layout file. Unfortunately I don’t have it’s filesystem location at hand.

Hmh. I am currently running a custom layout I did for myself years and years back. The process involves a .qml file (the keyboard layout) and a very simple .conf file which were dropped into the folder under /usr/share/maliit/…, but after the upgrade that maliit folder seems to now have been moved elsewhere as I can’t find it under /usr/share.

edit: oh, the stock File Browser doesn’t allow me see the maliit folder, but it is there. You will find the .qml files like de.qml (each representing a layout in a particular language) in /usr/share/maliit/plugins/com/jolla/layouts/

If you

  1. copy a .qml file with layout close to Croatian from there and alter it to be properly Croatian and then move this new Croatian layout file (for example) cro.qml there, and
  2. also add a cro.conf there to allow maliit to list your layout under Settings/Text Input/Keyboards, you should be good to go.

The .conf file would be like this (example for an alternate English layout):


I think there used to be separate .conf file for all the layouts, but at some point Jolla started using one unified one for all the stock layouts. Maliit still accepts these separate ones, so you should use a separate one for your custom layout so the .conf info for your custom layout doesn’t get overwritten in an upgrade.

More discussion here:

Then copy both files he.qml and custom_he.conf to this folder on your SFOS phone: /usr/share/maliit/plugins/com/jolla/layouts/, and restart (or type killall maliit-server in SFOS terminal).


See this thread: ‘Change main keyboard’ in ‘General’ section.

Change main keyboard

There’s a lot of information regarding changing the keyboard layout.

Hello Sailors, I finally manged it after reading through your comments it was much easier than I thought.
Indeed you just have to create your ownl qml file:


I therefore created a


file and simply added additional buttons since I needed more in one row.

Afterwards I added the information for the new qml into the layouts_western.conf:


and saved it overwriting the original.
After restarting the GUI via Salfish Helper Tools → restart the Startscreen it worked immediately after I added the keyboard from the list of options.

Thank you all very much


Make sure to make a backup of those files, just in case!


Good that you got it done. :+1:

I don’t know how much there is a risk that one of the future upgrades will overwrite your layouts_western.conf with the stock version of the then-current file. I would guess if they add a new western layout that is what will happen and then your layout stops working until you again tweak the layouts_western.conf file.

So I still want to recommend that you make a separate hr.conf with


in it and put that in your layouts folder alongside the hr.qml file for your layout to be upgrade proof. :slightly_smiling_face:

Backup both files like @poetaster said and they’ll be easy to again drop into the Layouts folder whenever you reset your phone or get a new one with Sailfish.

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@PatsJolla, or we build a package for your files. If I get a chance the next couple of days, I’ll set up a repo and an rpm. That could live in the sailfishos-chum repositories for community care?