Change main keyboard

can I change the main keyboard of Sailfish OS? or remove the typing popup, it’s something that bothers me

The keyboard layouts are in

There are the layouts for all languages, e.g. for german, de.qml . Open with editor in devel-su mode.

There are paragraphs named ‘Keyboard row’ inside are lines named ‘CharakterKey’.
If you remove at the end, e.g. for the E, this: ’ accents: “èéëꀔ; accentsShifted: “ÈÉÊË€” ’ and then reboot the GUI, the popups are gone. Take care not to remove the ‘}’ at the end of each line.


You can also add a row above the existing ones for numbers, add some extra characters or change the height if you want.

One paragraph is for one line in the layout, one line inside the paragraph is for one button.
caption is for small letters, captionShifted is for Capital letters, symView is for ‘?123’ symbol key, symView2 is for ‘?123’ symbol key + shifted.


I didn’t find the “maliit” folder

You have to start your file browser feom the terminal to have access to all files, otherwise the sandboxing blocks you.

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manage to edit , remove exactly as in the example and the keyboard turns blue without any letter, something I have done wrong?
I remove that whole sentence, right? accents: “èéëê—; Shifted accents: “ÈÉÉÊË€

I managed to edit thanks for the help


Change only the letters in accent and accentShifted itself and nothing else please.

You can delete accent characters you’ll never need or add whatever you want. I added also capital letters to all small letters so I haven’t to push shift any more when writing text in german.

If you install File Browser v. 2.5.1-1 from OpenRepos you see all files also when starting FB from app grid.

Q: another Keyboard question:

Can I also add ‘cursor right’ and ‘cursor left’ button to Keyboard?

With editing the file
it’s possible to change or add letters to buttons, also remove never used letters.

But how can I add a ‘cursor left’ or ‘cursor right’ to a button?
When editing the above mentioned file in vi editor, if I type ‘cursor left’ or ‘cursor right’ instead of a letter, number or sign, the cursor moves left or right but I can’t add the function to the key.

I think by myself without real knowledge at the moment, maybe the best place for these keys would be in the lowest line beside the Space button. There is also more than enough room when making the Space bar narrower.

Where (in what file) is the lowest line with ‘?123’, comma, Space bar, dot and ‘Enter’ defined?
Thanks for any hint!

Maybe it helps to take a look at the files of an already existing keyboard with arrows, just search openrepos for ‘arrows’.

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There are indeed some kbds out there with arrows, look on openrepos.

And it’s funny you mention vi in this context, as its UI was designed specifically to not need things like arrow keys.

In vi, when not in edit mode, use hjkn to move the cursor.

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