SDK ARM64 on Apple M1

Hi, I bought an Apple mac with M1 chip and installed Ubuntu ARM64 in Parallel VM.
When I want to install Sailfish SDK, installation fails: exec format error.

Is there any plan or any way to get Sailfish SDK on ARM64?

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Not sure why you would run the SDK in a VM, when a mac-native version exists… (and presumably would work fine through rosetta)
But none the less, i second your request. It would be nice to be able to develop/build on my Pinebook Pro, or on the phone for that matter.

AFAIK the SDK installer is amd64 (not arm64) only.

The mac version of the SDK does not work on M1. This is simply because you can’t run x86 vms on arm. Rosetta does not help with that. Docker provides some sort of emulation on best effort basis, so if we supported docker on mac, which we don’t, there is a slight possibility that it could work. But we don’t support docker on mac and have no plans for adding the support either.

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An Arm64 running on Windows on Arm would also be great - Sailfish Development is currently the only thing I cannot do on my Surface Pro X.

@vige is this still the case?
One of my students have an M1 mac, and I was wondering what can we do now or alternatives to develop on M1 for SFOS.

Yes, unfortunately nothing has changed on this front.

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How about an ARM build for Linux that could be used with Docker on a Raspberry Pi?