Sailtrix - Matrix client supporting end-to-end encryption

I’ve just released Sailtrix, an encrypted messaging app using the Matrix protocol. The following features are supported:

  • Logging in with username and password
  • Reading the past messages in a room (currently limited to loading 30 at a time
  • Messages with basic formatting can be read (bold, italic, etc)
  • Sending messages
  • Sending messages in reply
  • Editing messages
  • Deleting messages
  • Starting direct messages
  • Ignoring and unignoring users
  • Basic end-to-end encryption support (ALPHA STATE - please do not use when security is important, it is more than a proof of concept but not in a beta state yet)

You can download it from OpenRepos: Sailtrix | — Community Repository System
Source code and issue tracker: Issues · Heng Ye / Sailtrix · GitLab

Feedback and contributions are welcome!


This is really amazing. Looking forward to see a usable Matrix client on sailfish.


Is it possible to submit it to the official store?

I will submit to the official store after the 1.1 release which will have many new features and more stable encryption. Work is already being done - features include encrypted pictures, joining rooms, and numerous UI improvements. Check out the gitlab activity for what has already been done.

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Thank you ssssssssoooooooooooo much for this. :heart_eyes:

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Looking forward to it.
Decided that Matrix is the way to go for me as a mainstream IM (good old jabber+irc are still there, too).

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Sailtrix 1.1 has been released on OpenRepos

This is a medium sized release with multiple security, usability, and performance improvements.


  • Store sensitive data securely with Sailfish Secrets
  • Images can now be viewed and saved
  • Files can now be uploaded
  • Enhanced support for sandboxing
  • Numerous bugfixes and improvements regarding encryption and performance.

View changes on GitLab

This update is only available in OpenRepos as Sailfish Secrets which is used for storing sensitive data is not allowed in the Jolla Store.


Wow - I like this piece of software!

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