SailfisOS on a Sony Xperia™ 10

Hi! I have new Xperia 10 i4113 with Sailfish_OS-Jolla-
But it works only 1 day with fully charged battery.
I have tried using the program Lighthouse from OpenRepos.
Is it normal to have 645-650 processes?

The Xperia 10 has a very small battery life and sadly not everything is 100% optimized driver wise on this hardware. So yeah 1 day battery life is pretty much what you get.

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I have got Sony I3113 and now use SFOS (trial version). About 620 processes are running after boot. I think it’s abnormal at all. For example, typical number of processes for Jolla C with AD is 330 (plus-minus), Jolla One - about 300.
For decrease battery consumption you can try to change governor (interactive > ondemand), limit max cpus frequencies. But it won’t have much effect, cause 8 cpus are always on and min cpus frequencies are too high (cores 1-4 787 and cores 5-8 614MHz).
I totally agree with @leszek, drivers are not optimized.
@vasimov relax and have fun :slight_smile:

P.S.: file “init.ganges.pwr.rc” is situated “/vendor/etc/init/”

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My dual sim X 10 allows me to set 1 sim to 4g, then the other works in 2G only.
Is that how it’s supposed to be?
I remember this was a hw limitation of Xperia X (even on android), but is it on X 10?

No, it is not. Both SIM slots are supposed to and can operate in the 4G network.

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Does sim order matter? My 1st sim is in 4G, 2nd set to "prefer 3G’, yet SimScout (which btw, stopped showing LAC and CellId some SFOS update ago) shows “gsm” for 2nd sim.
What’s the proper way to check?

Maybe there is no 3G coverage anymore?
Disable first SIM and see.
Set second SIM to 4G and see
Set it to 3G/2G and then see again.
Put both SIM to 3G and so on…

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well, that’s interesting.
No matter what I do (disable sim1, change it to 2g or 3g or 4g), sim2 stays on 2G.
Mind, that default mobile internet is set to sim1 here.

If I change default internet to sim2, suddenly sim1 goes to 2G and sim2 now gets 3g or 4g (what I chose).

So basically, for me at least, there’s seems like no way to have both sims on 3g/4g.
At least one of them (which is not selected for Default Mobile Internet) will stay on 2G no matter what.

Could somebody please check this behaviour?

I have X10 Dual SIM and both SIMs connected to 4G at the same time (and had most time in the past). Phone hardware surely provides this, but maybe bug of the new SFOS version?

I’m still on 3.4.

btw, how do you check that both sims are on 4G?

Do you have your mobile connection set to prefer 3G or prefer 4G. At least in Finnish Elisa network this makes a huge difference: with 3G battery lasts twice as long.

Can somebody else confirm/deny they have both sim cards working at 4G simultaneously?

PS Single 4G icon in status-bar means only 1 sim-card is on 4G.

So, nobody can confirm?

Also, disconnecting usb OTG adapter still (on 4.0) reboots X10.

I had successfully in use 2 SIM cards on 4G at the same time for many months. No problems visible. Sony Xperia 10 Dual SIM.

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How did you check that both cards are really on 4G at the same time?

Both sigmal indicators full signal and 4G indicated on display. No more precise information, I must confess…

this single 4G icon only means the signal for the “internet” sim. I have it too, displayed.
nonetheless, only this designated “internet” sim is on 4G, the other one is on 2G.

You can check current signal like this:

$ dbus-send --system --print-reply=literal --type=method_call --dest=org.ofono /ril_0 org.ofono.NetworkRegistration.GetProperties | grep Technology
$ dbus-send --system --print-reply=literal --type=method_call --dest=org.ofono /ril_1 org.ofono.NetworkRegistration.GetProperties | grep Technology

So in my case it shows this (4g for sim1 and 2g for sim2):

     Technology         variant             lte      )
     Technology         variant             gsm      )

Maybe one of your cards needs an update from your provider. Put it in an android phone for a day, that did it for me.

You probably missed my post higher - sim card selected as “default for internet” gets 4G, the other one gets 2G. They both can work as 4G (not simultaneously!) if I designate them as “Internet” one.