[release notes] Kvarken 4.1.0

@Remote: You wrote “only “Data”-selected sim”. Do you mean that you have chosen this SIM for mobile data in Sailfish menu “Settings > Mobile network > Use SIM card” (while the other SIM is assigned for call and messages in “Settings > SIM cards”), or, do you mean that you have such a contract with your operator/carrier that your SIM does not support phone calls at all - so, it is just “data only”?

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I can confirm this change in behaviour on the Xperia X. I wasn’t sure at first, but I checked the battery usage graphs in SysMon, and the battery is visibly going down much faster with WiFi enabled on 4.1.0 than it was on 4.0.1. In both cases, no applications or only the camera are/were running, and the only user-intended active online connection is two email accounts with their synchronisation set to ‘always up-to-date’. Android app support is active, but there are no Android applications running in the background. Hopefully we can find some more similarities and differences between our setups this way to estimate where the problem is actually located.

With WiFi disabled, power consumption appears to be the same as before.

Out of the devices I checked (Jolla C, Jolla Tablet and Xperia X), only the Xperia X has a much larger power consumption on WiFi in comparison to 4.0.1. The Xperia 10 II also seems to have a large power consumption on WiFi, but of course I can’t compare that one with a previous OS version.


Only this (selected) SIM will get 3g/4g service from modem. The other SIM will get 2g service only from phone’s modem.

This doesn’t matter actually. Calls and messages can be assigned to any sim.

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Now testing with cell data enabled and WiFi off…
(looks normal until now which would really cut it down to connected WiFi)
may test later then with enabled but not connected WiFi.

One mail account set to manual sync.
No Android support running.
Bluetooth on.
Nil applications.
Fresh reboot.

Only one of the SIMs can provide the data transfer service (mobile data) at a time. It is the selected SIM, of course. The other SIM can only provide call and messaging service during that time. But this is not limited to 2G - phone calls over 3G should work equally well with that other SIM.

Note that Sailfish does not support VoIP/VoLTE - therefore phone calls via the 4G network are not possible (neither SIM).

So, if in your case the “other SIM” can work in the 2G network only then there is a problem. But where?


Yes, they should. Buy they’re not on X10. Second sim gets 2G service only from modem.
I’ve described this mis-behavior already here:

I got a message on my device yesterday saying I had entered a “4G Only area. Your device does not have 4G voice calling capability enabled. This means you may not be able to make voice/emergency calls in the area”

First time I have seen it.


I do hope I fixed this sentence above correctly for you?


I really do, too . . .

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Any plans to mount SD card with the label again instead of UUID?


This would be a good proposal for #feature-requests

Why ‘request’?

More one for a specific bug report and already confirmed to be noted internally (so probably fixed in 3-4 months).

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Good to know ,thanks! So, let’s ‘heartvote’ that report (am I the only one thinking there’s lots of cross-posting recently? :wink:)

So the update notes say there should be a .24 available, but I can’t see it on my X10 II (although I am enrolled in EA). I would really like to test that, so that I can verify, if that fixes my bugs!

I guess that’s because it’s free version which doesn’t get OTA updates.

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How am I supposed to test that then? Reflash? That does not sound like fun!

try this: Upgrade to a new version with Sailfish X free - #5 by xsetiadi

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Thanks, that works. I thought version dup was also blocked :3

Update to was available on my 2 phones by Settings/Updates/Search for updates and the usual confirmations as it is always.

Download abt. 70 MB, confirm installation, enter access code a few times and at the end the SIM PIN. Result: both phones working without any problems, all data and settings still present.

Thank you Jolla!

edit: my 2 phones are set to “early access” in the Jolla account.
A 3rd phone in my family, that is not set to “early access” does not see the both updates to and -24.

Just updated from to and don’t see ill effects with keeping package less (XA2).