SailfisOS on a Sony Xperia™ 10

Just purchased an Xperia™ 10, the issue is it came with android 10, with no way currently tp revert back to 9.*

What makes android 10 not recommended for sailfishOS?


Missing adaptation for Android 10 in the libhybris package that uses Android drivers to link to GNU/Linux ones.

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Can’t you use Xperia Flash Tool to revert to Android 9?

been attempting to downgrade, BUT.

But when I went to purchase the license for the Xperia 10, says I am unable to do that since I live in the US.

Oh well :frowning:

Yup Sailfish X seems to be available only in Europe.

just use vpn, Luke.

You don’t mention whether your Xperia 10 is Single or Dual Sim, which might affect choice of software used to downgrade from Android 10 to Android 9 as posted here:

Single SIM.

Success. it took a while, but I have sailfishOS installed and being setup now


I was in the same situation with my Xperia 10

I could not use FlashTool to downgrade Android 10 to 9, it gave me an error. The official service tool called Emma worked just fine, it found the firmware, this tutorial helps a lot: