SailfishShare not deleting entries for removed Android apps

OS / software versions:

HARDWARE: Xperia 10 iii

DESCRIPTION: Share menu seems to break with AlienDalvik when removing certain applications. Share menu still shows item if the app is uninstalled. Seems to occur for Instagram as well as Pixiv. Entries still show on Sailfish’s share function despite them not being installed.

PRECONDITIONS: Install Instagram or Pixiv

STEPS TO REPRODUCE: Uninstall Instagram or Pixiv if installed

EXPECTED RESULT: Sailfish Share menu is updated with new changes

ACTUAL RESULT: Sailfish Share does not update to reflect Android apps that are uninstalled.

MODIFICATIONS: Patchmanager, Android App Support



I tried on the same device with pixiv installed from Aurora Store and could reproduce your bug. Thank you for reporting it.

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Take a look if there are superfluous (i.e. belonging to uninstalled apps) .desktop files in ~/.local/share/applications, and delete them. Also edit mimeinfo.cache in the same folder to remove items pointing to deleted apps/.desktop files.

technically this is not a SailfishOS bug but a “quirk” common to most Desktop Linux.

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I will give this a shot. Hope it works. :slight_smile:

Oddly, I am unable to find mimeinfo.cache

Having the same issue with 2 removed Android apps. I cannot find desktop files for them and also can’t find them in mimeinfo.cache like I could when webcat kept showing up in the open links menu after uninstalling. Any idea how to fix this? Is the share menu stored in a different location?

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If an Android app decides to leave behind files in system directories, that’s just impolite.

Try this:

find / -name '*mimeinfo*' 2>/dev/null

it gives me three locations. See if you find offending entries in all of them.

Also try this:

find / -name '*\.desktop' 2>/dev/null | grep -iE 'apk|android'

and see if some of the apps really left their .desktop files behind.

I’m not sure it matters but Android support should probably be ON for any of this.

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Thanks for reporting this, internal bug report created.


Seems enough to delete *.json files from ~/.local/share/apkd-bridge/sharing

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