Sailfish X on Sony Xperia 10 II DualSIM - Status Story and more

You have to go the the Jolla store and in the folder market places you find the app for install.

It is installed, both Aptoide and Store (Obsolete) as the icon wouldn’t appear on the home screen even with only the first one installed. Still haven’t been able to access it :frowning:

Installing an Android application before installing Android support causes that. Just uninstall all your android applications. Then install them again. I thing you don’t need to uninstall Android support.

Hello Maier, thank you for mentioning accessibility for disabled persons. To my opinion SailfishOS is not developed far enough to be usable for visually impaired people. I would suggest to blind and visually impaired people to use an iphone. Because reliability is very important. With voice assistant they can do a lot more. As a matter of fact several inventions of Apple and of tech in general did make not disabled persons a bit disabled. Using all your senses and intelligence is not necessary anymore nowadays. Tech does it.
There is one thing however which I like in Sailfish: the possibility tu enlarge texts in settings with T. That’s very nice.

Did you succeed in restoring the backup? I didn’t. It stopped with the notes. Contact import via vcf file failed as well.

this is my x10ii dual sim version

Take a look here:

I have the experiance that backups are not working well in different areas. I suggest to build up the configuration of the phone new. Tranfer of data (eg. contacts, appointments, …) by bluetooth or other ways seem not be a problem.

@Tobi … I suggest to transfer data by bluetooth.