Sailfish X devices - NEWBIE questions


I am new one to this forum. I am interested in having SFOS on a mobile phone. I have learned about Sailfish X with the Sony Xperia devices X, XA2 and 10.

What are the differences between the devices regarding Sailfish OS? Are there any bugs, other errors or things (even little things) that are annoying?

What does not work?
What is the camera resolution of the devices?
What else is there to consider?

Thanks a lot for the answers!

At least for me very important: If you want to use Android, then XA2 or 10 ist a must (Version 8.1).
I have an “old” X, and there are no compatible Android apps I want to use. XA2/10 work quite well.


Look at this

Section " Known issues - generic" and sections below about known ssues specific to device.


najosokommadesnedsogn :wink:

and there are no compatible Android apps I want to use

You got to be more specific, which apps you want to use. I’m using Whatsapp and Signal on Xperia X and they work fine.


What about the camera? I have learned that the resolution with Sailfsh OS is not so good like on Android?

Xperia 10 Plus you get the full 12 Mpx if you choose 4:3 aspect ratio.
On the Xperia XA2 you get 20 Megapixels using Advanced Camera.

My Xperia X doesn’t work in foreign countries - phone calls & data - but with Xperia 10 no problems. With X10 I made a single call before installing sfos, with X I didn’t.

With X10 finnish bank apps work, with X not.

Specify foreign countries, and used networks (technology).
Or/and look for the basebands of your X (5121/5122?) and the supported frequencies and compare.
(I doubt it has to do with the one call. This is sometimes required but on SIM level).

Different android layer 4.4 against 8.1

Since the update to Rokua ( I have problems with the “Android app functionality in the background”. The cause seems to be Aliendalvik itself.
So far I haven’t found a solution. The Xperia X was flashed with the previous version ( / Nuuksio). This works without any significant problems. (For details:
(I have no significant problems with the Xa2.)

How do you get 20MP in 4:3 with the XA2 in Advanced Camera? Max resolution is 5504x3104. Which is 17MP and almost 16:9 (172:97). In 4:3 i get only 4000x3000 .

I have 5984x3392 (187:106) as resolution option in advanced camera

I haven’t been keeping a record, but if I remember correctly:

Jolla - no problems
X - no connection in Austria, MĂĽnchen, Paris, Tallin, but Malta worked
X10 - no problems, used so far in Tallinn, Austria (Ischgl), ZĂĽrich

My operator is Moi.

I strongly advise you not to take an XA2,
The “hardware problem” of swipes is very annoying with SFOS.
And I also have a lot of problems with the WLAN, although it worked fine on android.

And I am very happy with the XA2 and chose it for the screen resolution, 16:9, while the 10 has 18:9 or 21:9. I remember the 10 was less wide than the XA2.

I am not happy at all with battery life on Xperia 10.

I am not happy with x10 overall quality: display does not work and you have to bend device to work again. Now during bending the case broke.
i had xperia x for 3+ years. X10 is kinda broken after one
xperia x broke due to my fault. Images are good on any anroid 8 based device, while.they were realy poor on X.

Apps for public transport in Austria and Sharenow (car sharing app) I remember.

I’ve had XA2 Dual-Sim for two years now and Sailfish ever since the beginning of 2019 when it was available. Sure there are several “annoying” bugs that you stumble on when you are using the device everyday. However, mine has worked relatively well with no bigger issues. I think that using Sailfish as everyday driver requires patience. I also had Xperia X and Sailfish on it during the 2018. Nowadays if I compare X vs XA2 the XA2 wins since it just simply works better now and AOSP lets you use more Android apps.

The most annoying bug in my opinion is the 4G battery drain issue which means that even 4G standby drains 2-4% per hour. It seems that not everyone is affected with this bug but I used several months XA2 with stock Android and no drain, my provider hasn’t even changed. I’ve tackled this issue by using Situations app and device now switches to 3G when screen off. Still happy owner!

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My XperiaX has massive battery drain only when i use Android-Apps. Thats why i stop the Android-Support every time after i had used them. To be honest, i have to say that i dont use WhatsApp ;-).

Did you try the SIM with another (not Sailfish) phone?