Sailfish X devices - NEWBIE questions

Thank you very much for the answers so far.

As I read out here, there are always bugs that are sometimes more or less well solved.

This should not happen with a quite mature operating system. Especially not such different bugs and little things that cannot be removed for years. The lte forum is full of such messages.

What should I think about it?

Should I really switch to Android or iOS?

After all, my Aqua Fish said goodbye last Saturday and does not work anymore. [At the moment I want to do the factory reset, but I can’t get any further]. (Factory reset - recovery not working)(Maybe someone can help?)

With the original camera app this may be, but if you download the Advanced Camera app from Jolla store, then the camera gets it’s full potential. Maximal pixel res. that I can choose on my Xperia 10 is 4208 x 3120 pixel and quality (colours, sensitivity, sharpness,…) I consider as very good.