Sailfish OS still alive?

do anyone know is sailfish os (the comercial os) EOL or still in development?

There are some bugs that are not fixed (android apps no internet if switch form wifi to mobile and back).

I didn´t find any infomation of the status of the company. But still have the feeling that the mobile device os dies slowly or the company reorganize the ressources for other products.

The Andoid Bug is realy annoying and if there will be no fix in the next month I will switch back to a mainstream OS after one year.

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Yes, SailfishOS is still in development. I struggled to find relative links but Jolla did announce that another round of funding has been achieved, to the tune of €10 Million.

Android bugs, along with many others and all the ‘papercuts’ may or may not be addressed.


Development has been slow lately due to the need to solve some issues tied to the company ownership. Since these have been fixed, development has accelerated significantly and the next release 4.6.0 Sauna should be out probably in some weeks or at most a few months.


Try to explicitly turn on mobile network and then after a few seconds turn off while WiFi while stll connected and the other way accordingly.
Works for me 99% .


If you install sailfish utilities you get a restart network button in settings under utilities. This resolves the bug of no network in android

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The new SFOS version 4.6 should arrive at any day, seen the fact, that the last major update was nearly one year ago, and due to some statements made in the community meeting. But as always, no statement, if its ready early adopters will notice it first :slight_smile:


oh no… Now I’ll be checking all the time :grin:
How are the bets for 5G support?

5G support is being worked on, you can find some details if you search the forum. From what I understand they already have 5G working in SFOS but not yet in AppSupport so they won’t release it until that is done.


Worst thing of all is…
Jolla should release the facts, “outsiders” stated here.
Well… Jolla never knew how to publish informations.
But I’m thankful to know the lights at Jolla HQ are still on…


While Jolla isn’t great at publishing information… at least now we have very regular newsletters in case you missed them. Pretty much everything here has is source there or in the community meeting notes.

One bug does not a failure make.

This bug isn’t hitting everyone equally and has been addressed/improved at least once - and indeed has workarounds.


They did communicate this in the community meeting 21st of december 2023:

08:31:46 #topic What are the plans to enable 5G connectivity? (5mins – asked by TNZ & cquence)
08:32:00 #info I remember some work taking place a while ago. Any update you
08:32:00 #info can share would be great! P.S. Well done on the restructuring
08:32:00 #info and fair winds ahead! I probably won’t be able to attend due to
08:32:00 #info work commitments but will read the logs afterwards.
08:32:08 #info There are 3-5 major stories which we’d still like to sort out for
08:32:08 #info the next release and 5G is one of them. So far 5G works on
08:32:08 #info Sailfish OS side but AppSupport plugin is not yet finalized. Half
08:32:09 #info cooked version is bad as that would break mobile data with
08:32:11 #info AppSupport. If we miss the next release, then target would be the
08:32:13 #info release after next.

Ohhh there are much more bug(s) and the android feature is a paied feature. Workarounds are good for a short time but not as feature!
Sorry…I work as an infrastructure and security admin in a datacenter…and to think like that will be horrable for our business.

I’m also a family father and has no time to go to community events to know whats going on. I also don´t want to reset all the time the netwokr or paied android funktion that I can communicate with my wife and hope that I don´t miss an important message (Yes with a small child you have other prios in life as workarounds).

If this is only an cumunity OS or an OS for people who want’s play with new features…OK. I need a daily use OS that works, without workaround, service resets, not working weather apps, default enabled beta features that not working (volte) and not comunicated, hanging finger print sensors, hanging default photo app, long loading apps like the photo app, crashing android container, with an outdated andoid security patch from 2022, captive portal problems on enterprise WLANs, … and all that on supported hardware with a paied license.

And yes, thanks to all unpaid developer. But I was over 10 years unpaid paramedic and help people in their worst time all daytimes beside my normal life. And all of this without complaining that I do it for free.

I realy like Sailfish OS but I hate all the excuses and workarounds for feature that work on all other used OS by default (iOS, Android, /e/, open fairphone os, mobile windows, old nokia firmware, blackberry)


From todays community meeting

#info Jolla: Few things from our side that we haven’t yet covered.
The next release, 4.6.0 Sauna, was already featured in the FOSDEM
2024 on Linux on Mobile stand. You can easily see that the release
is not far away. Before that we will have translation round and
inform this separate in the Forum. Stay tuned.


I have a very old motorcycle which is green and therefore I can tell you, that your decision for or against a mobile OS is completely up to you. Although I also have children other parents liked iPhones very much.


Whilst discussion is so far polite, please remember to behave. Try to take to others into account as well.

And yes, we’re very much alive. Sauna comes out as soon as we can. Like we said in the meeting yesterday, translation round starts soonish, after that we branch and create first cbeta release.

Release cycle for this year is likely same as for last year, few major releases and few minors on top of each major release.


hmm…most of the time. If a fanboy hide a borderline comment …but everyone can see it… isn´t polite. It’s more like kids.

And that’s just because I pointed out some known bugs…

We have something in common, mine is red and from Italy :slight_smile:

But now I have my answer, Sailfish is still alive. So I’m really happy and waiting for the fixes.

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everyone here is either fan boy/girl or a troll, what else could you expect from this kind of forum


Sometimes there are some people from the support team or developer in such a forum.

I should probably differentiate more between private and professional forums.

But I still got my answer

It’s just this never ending whining about the same bugs, over and over again.
Aside from the fact that it’s not at all constructive, I’m sure it discourages new users from even trying Sailfish.
And of course, I’m a fanboy, like most of the people on this forum


Great! I like that
(and we are all waiting for fixes, I guess)

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