Sailfish os or phone causing minor problems?

Hi, sailfish os 4.5 running on sony xperia xa2 plus. For a while Ive been having a few minor and irregular bugs that I was able to ignore until now. Im trying to work out whether they are the caused by the sailfish system or the older phone and if buying a newer sailfish compatible phone could solve the issues or not?

The issues:

  1. Camera frequently get stuck on a black screen and will not load to allow me to take photos. Mostly solved after restarting although on a few occasions it has now solved it.
  2. Frequently when calling someone when they pick up all audio is gone, I cannot hear them and they cannot hear me. Usually solved by restarting the phone.
  3. Occasionally data service will not turn on, it sometimes searches for service but will not connect. This has happened in both remote and cbd locations. Restarting does not solve it. Reinserting sd card will not solve it. It just eventually work again. I know this could be a service issue from my provider but it didnt seem like it was bugging just by turning it on and wasnt actually even able to search.
  4. Maps rarely work (using pure maps and have tried a few different map providers). Basically 9/10 times it just cannot create a route from the start location and finish location I input. Is there better map apps that dont rely on google services? Would love to find one.

Appreciate any input or thoughts, theres definitely a few more bugs that happen and I will update as I remember them. I am going on an international trip soon and some of these bugs concern me for that and would like to work out if purchasing a newer model phone could solve them for me!


Did you update the XA2 plus to 4.5 coming from an older version or flash it new? If the first, maybe there went something wrong when updating and reflashing the phone with will help to have a working system.

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All those bugs sound like Sailfish things, but my XA2 definately was a total Lemon and the experience on the Xperia 10 III is a lot better for me. GPS definately works better and also the better performance stops all the stuttering I experienced on the XA2.

On the XA2 family it can help to flash another time, there’s a chance it either becomes a lemon or gets normal again.

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On my XA2 Ultra what always helps is tapping the camera glass with my finger a few times. To me it looks like a hardware problem - the actual lens somehow getting stuck from time to time.

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Me (XA2):

  1. used to be an issue for me but not anymore
  2. no
  3. no, but I heard about this,again, 1 or 2 years ago
  4. no

Please install Sailfish Utilities and try its options before restarting the phone, might help to narrow it down.


I have had the phone bought from Jolla for about 2years now, updating the os as they were released.

Have been using sailfish utilities for a while, helps sometimes to save the wait of a restart just works better to solve the bugs

In that case there’s additional information you can provide, like which susbsystem restart specifically helps -or doen’t help.

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In the last 2 years I had two times when updates failed and I had to reflash the device. This always solved all problems. Updates sometimes fail partly and remain incomplete, while the phone behaves inconspicuous for a time, until defects get apparent. After 2 years and many system updates I suggest a reflash.

Jolla doesn’t sell any devices, probably it was That’s an independent seller.

XA2 Single Flashed here.
I don’t have these problems. Audio went away once/twice, I believe, but long time ago.
My XA2 is not slow (I’m not demanding much at the same time either)
GPS works nicely now. (seems to be very device-depending and XA2 hardware is sensible. Dunno for the XA2 plus though).

I am using Pure Maps evert day, which is really a great app IMO.
IIRC, some providers reach a limit of demands, sometimes, and don’t display maps (correct me if I’m wrong) but generally, it works well. OSM Scout can assure you to have maps all the time as one can download them in advance and use them offline.
You can even have HERE routing, taking traffic in account and HERE maps which are nice and detailed. See this thread for more infos:

I’d also recommend to reflash your device.
Whish you good success with it!

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After 2.5 years, I never had a failed update and I never had to reflash.

only relevant one really was the network subsystem which didnt really work to help with #3 issue

yeah jolla devices is what I was referring to

thanks for that Ill go through that thread hopefully can solve my maps issues, OpenTopo is the provider that has been the only one to even barely work for me in pure maps recently. Another little thing with pure maps (maybe you know a fix) was that itd never direct me to street numbers only the street itself, which usually is fine but when Its a very long road with thousands of numbers itd sometimes take me completely different routes and could end up pretty far away from where I actually needed to be.

Also yeah it would seem a reflash may be in order!

HERE manages street numbers. Chances that other providers needing an API key also do.