Sailfish OS on Xperia 10 Plus, what is working and what is not

I own Xperia 10 Plus (dual SIM) with Sailfish OS (Rokua) (also marketed as SailfishX Here is the status of what works and what is not working on the device.

What is working


  • GPS but reserve 0.5 - 10min for catching the signal
  • adaptive screen brightness
  • fingerprint reader
  • front/back camera


  • most of the native apps available on Jolla market (see below for proven exceptions)
  • LUKS

Android support

  • MicroG
  • WhatsApp with exception (see below)
  • mBank SK, mBank PL
  • Google Photos with exception (see below)
  • MS Office Lens
  • MS Authenticator
  • MS ToDo
  • F-Droid
  • APKPure
  • Signal
  • Keybase
  • Timeular
  • Brave with exception (see below)
  • background processes + notifications when you enable them on per app basis

What is NOT working


  • compass
  • Synology Mesh network: WiFi adapter does not follow the strongest access point in Synology Mesh network so you basically are always connected to the first AP even when there is ony 1 bar left and you are standing next to the another AP withing the same mesh network
  • battery is drained really fast when WiFi is on, even when the phone is just idling with the screen turned off


  • VPN: OpenConnect protocol for unsigned certificate
  • HDR photos, photos have very low dynamic range
  • compass apps
  • native Browser - is slow and almost unusable, some web services are not available unless you change the Agent string, problems with uploading files
  • YTPlayer - YouTube player
  • Google calendar synchronization with native Account feature

Android Support

  • Brave - opening url’s in Brave does not work, cannot set Brave as default browser (you need to copy & paste manually)
  • Google Photos - cannot select and upload a file
  • Google Calendar app
  • WhatsApp - switching to headset after inserting the jack connector
  • HabitHub - phone does not recognize if you have paid version (no Google Play, MicroG is not enough)

Thank you, is there any list like this for the XA2? I am looking at switching from X to XA2, hoping that android 8 will allow me to run few important apps, notably for the Deutsche Bahn and the French SNCF. But maybe that is in vain and not directly dependent on the android version?

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at list the Deutsche Bahn App does work on my XA2 Ultra, I guess this should be the same on XA2


Excellent, thank you.

One thing I should add: If you don’t use Microg you will get frequent pop-ups complaining that you don’t have Google Play Service, but it has no impact on functionality


What is NOT working:


  • FM Radio
  • only one camera on the back is working
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i think there are things mixed up a bit:

  • what works on this device in detail due to missing hardware adaption and defects
  • sailfishos specific issues or even non-google device issuess

it is not specific to this device, that android app’s without google play services will complain that they are missing. that would be the case even on an lineage android devices …

YTPlayer currently just does not work anywhere

native Browser …

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@pawel.spoon, @max_power, @davidrasch, @wolfgangcramer Thank your for the comments. I’ve imagined to keep the post up to date and polish it with current state of affairs or new information but I cannot edit it anymore. I will post a new, improved one and link it in the comment.

My Xperia 10 Plus (dual SIM) allows to use front/back camera in Camera App. Which application is not working with your front camera?

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Please see here

The second rear camera is not working.

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