Sailfish OS on Xperia 10 Plus, what is working and what is not

What is also not working most of the time is to shut down the device properly. Sure this bug is in aosp, but it annoyed me so much that the x10+ is a brick for me atm, after not getting lineageos20. I hope the new ubports will land on it, but they also have trouble with volte, so only just for fun…

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This bug is especially annoying when repairing the phone!

I prefer SFOS on it, it’s a fantastic large screen, the largest one for SFOS and better to use than any Android-derivates, i.e. LineageOS.

I changed once screen and battery. For me all works fairly well in this phone, dual-sim + sd-card and fingerprint reader.

The biggest drawback is the relatively short battery life but that’s Sony’s fault releasing such large phone with a tiny battery. I’m planning to replace the battery once again with a larger capacity one. It’s a challenge to open and close this phone properly but I’m experienced.

There is / was a similar issue on the X10 (without plus), there you can shutdown the device by pressing and holding Vol UP + Power buttons until the device vibrates 3 times. This needs abt. 30 seconds. Then release both buttons quickly and then it should stay turned off and not reboot.

Works only if the charger is NOT connected!!


If you put the phone with battery discharged into the charger you’ll get a black but turned on screen and the phone will heat up

It’s normal that the phone shows some symbols on the screen when turned off but charging. But it shouldn’t boot up and ask for unlock code.


Audible does not work, widevine L3 error occurs when trying to listen to the book.

Use a older version.
3.39 works…
Audible is really annoying.

Maybe some versions up the line too.

“Funny” thing is 3.46 which worked for me, but has now the same problem…

Stupid DRM.

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Thanks for the suggestion, 3.39 (version code 120017) works indeed. I was going crazy about how in the current version I was able to listen to previously (in older versions of the app) downloaded audio books as well as (new) podcasts, but unable to listen to anything I just downloaded.
Apparently audible has started utilizing widevine in recent versions according to this reddit comment: Reddit - Dive into anything

So while in more up-to-date versions your previously downloaded audio books will work, newer downloads will not be able to play.

If you are a linux user, you can backup your library.

Not trivial but manageable.

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