Sailfish OS email client is super

I use it s lot. It was way better back in the days when Reply and Forward was triggered via Pulley. It also looks nicer if one installs the transparency patch, especially a night.


Still can’t customize it to delete emails quickly on iOS. Gmail works great but… less from google is best :slight_smile:

Oh of course but I must use it for spid apps you know… in Italy is used in different places

Settings - mail - swipe options.
Or edit and then just slide down with 2 fingers.
Or tap and hold one and then with the other hand select everything else.
On iOS you can hold something and then use the phone with the other hand normally to select whatever else you want (they pile up) and then drop them all anywhere (or delete them in this case).
iOS is really amazing when you learn how to use it, but that’s enough off topic.
SFOs might look like a child’s toy sometimes compared to iOS, but you just can’t use it and not love it no matter what :slight_smile:

What problems do you exactly have with Yahoo? Because I have Yahoo running with the Jolla E-Mail app without any problems.

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I think the mail app works quite fine. I had problems with it and accounts at some point but after a fresh install it works as it is supposed to.

Delete several emails?

The Mail app has the functions I need. I also liked it better without buttons but I guess they’re alright.

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People have problems of navigating within an app with swipes on sfos, how are iOS users doing two-handed dance of making ui swipable with double finger swipes… That’s some ipad gestures enabled by accident on iPhones or is steve jobs turning in his grave?

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This only works if you know how where the last mail belonging into $folder is located in the inbox or when your inbox is empty enough that you can traverse the inbox each time. Additionally, the longer the selection list the less likely I’ll accidentally select something wrong. Also doesn’t work if you regularly want to read some of the mail 1st before sorting it.

Thx for the suggestion, but this is a desktop concept that just doesn’t work as well on mobile.

It’s not really off-topic anymore, when it already had been used as a positive example. Jolla Mail could borrow some UI concepts in a future improvement.

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Things have to feel easy to use, not follow some stupid abitrairy rules. Using people struggling on SFOS as an argument against and iOS mail client is completely far-fetched, those gesture systems have no relation with each other.

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You’re telling us stories of double finger swipes as normal, while neither ios or sfos supports twofkngers lol

It’s just one of the 3-4 options you have to select multiple things.
Options never hurt anyone :slight_smile:

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Options are great, but two finger swipes while also holding a third finger… That’s some weird only for tablets gesture, or maybe for touch screen laptops

You said ‘deleting more than 3-4 emails is impossible on sfos’, it clearly is easily possible with an easy to find option in pulley menu, not hidden behind a multi-finger swipe, I’m sure some weird combination of requirements in some weird scenario will be ‘easier’ done with multi-finger swipes, I just don’t use email that way I guess


2 finger swipes didn’t require a third finger.
You can search if you want to understand how different methods work so that we don’t repeat the same thing again and again.

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I just am not sold on two hand use, there might be cool gestures and they might make sense if you’re using a wall mounted touch screen, but on phone 99% of my interactions are with using thumb only, so multifingered swipes are… idk a gimmick, might make sense on tablets maybe

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I would prefer single handed use too but every device is very big these days.
And 10 III for example is insanely tall with no accessibility gesture in SFOs so I end up using 2 hands even more often.

i can’t seem to get it to connect even using the special ‘legacy’ api password yahoo wanted users of third party apps to use.

No, but at least a second hand. This contradicts to other people’s wishes for one handed use.

Idea: a configurable UI, where the app functions/options can be assigned to user actions the system can compute: 1. pulley, 2. tap, 3. swipes, 4. gestures (4a 1 finger / 4b 2 finger gesture). This could be introduced step by step or app by app with app version updates and doesn’t depend on main SFOS upgrades, as far as I understand.

As users have individual needs, usecases and preferences, this would satisfy all.

It’s another option for anyone that needs it.
Personally I don’t because I’m not flooded with spam emails.
I read them, click archive (that is not there on SFOs and it’s killing me) and that’s it.
If I use SFOs more and then the emails are still there on other phones but I already checked them, I just swipe them away in a couple of seconds and they are archived.