Sailfish OS email client is super

Using iOS since some months I can say that it’s stock email app is so bad. It takes always time to load emails and never notify you when you activate the internet. In contrast, Sailfish OS stock email app is steady. It notify you always, and load emails quite quickly then iOS. So, I must compliment Jolla for this, making an alternative European OS superior and more efficient then now 16th release of super economic power or Apple :slight_smile:


I fully agree - that is why I never use my iPhone (I do not even switch it on anymore and placed the SIM card in another SFOS Xperia)


No idea about iOS but the last thing i would say about the email app is that its great. :neutral_face:


I’d like to try it, but the SF browser is too “unusual” to get past the authentication step with my email provider.

Weird, I made quite the opposite experience. The iOS mail client is superior in every aspect imho. With Email being an open protocol the devil lies in the details, maybe it’s your mail provider, maybe it’s because you have less/more mail accounts or receive less/more mails than I do.

What bothers me the most though is that the Apple mail client is more swipey than the one of an OS that has swiping as a 1st class citizen. It’s very unpleasent to move and delete large amounts of mail on SFOS.

i’d love to say i knew what all the fuss about, but i haven’t been able to get it working with yahoo for some years now.

I’m happy with the mail client. Thank you Jolla!


You mean the two swipe actions you can predefine? (or was it in ios outlook client?) idk but for me it was standing out like a sore thumb, hey you can swipe left to ‘archive’ which is not used in any other application??? Gimmick at best. SFOS mail app is far from perfect but it does its job rather reliably and flows with the rest of OS, swipes on iOS are rather confusing, swipe from top left (big thumbs represent) vs swipe from top right… Gimmicky with no ability of swipe navigation within 99% of apps (and zero visual indicators that it’s even possible)

The email client itself is quite OK, but the email accounts support still has some nasty bugs not fixed for a long time. For example, when creating the “generic email” account one cannot select “Always up to date” during the setup (there is no such option). It becomes available only after the account has been created, so it takes editing the account to be able to select it. Then, the “Always up to date” option tends to stop working from time to time for no reason - it magically switches itself to the original schedule setup during the account creation (e.g. once every hour). When it happens, the only effective way to fix it is to delete and re-create the account as otherwise it comes back.

It stands out in iOS, but would fit into SFOS gesture system. I guess Apple keeps it because it’s the best way to handle huge amount of mail quickly on mobile (that I’ve seen so far).
I don’t see it as a disadvantage to use a different navigation system if it’s superior and no, saying it’s “gimmicky” isn’t an argument at all.

Sailfish mail crashes regularly, both on the XA2 and the X10 III. Apple Mail never did that to me.

Besides this, it’s super hard to delete more than 3 mail in a row in SFOS, more than 4 in a row is impossible. The 1st “deletion reverse option bar” finishes before you have pressed the mail you wanted to delete long enough, the mails move up and a completely different mail is now under you finger :angry:

This is not a good design.

Use ‘select emails’ option to not chase the timeout, select the ones you want to delete then use delete action (there is even a button so you don’t have to rescroll for pulldown menu)

You should ask them why they have so restrictive cloudflare policies that not even google implements, you’re their customer, them blocking you for being a suspected russian citizen or worse is on them and they risk losing your business (maybe a junior admin implemented them and they have no idea? The seller probably sold it as a great security option)

I have a feeling that OP is using other mail providers with the stock Apple app, meaning that he doesn’t have push notifications and probably less functionality as well.
Good thing there’s an app for everything on the App Store though.

Yeah that is true. App Store is rich, but actually you can have gmail con sailfish too with the help of microg lol :slight_smile: I use gmail on stock apple mail and see that. I need to delete an email? Double passages, and that archive option completely unused for me.

I use email a lot, on gmail I have like 50000 unreads but actually don’t find much difficulty con sfos. What I can’t stand about this OS is the keyboard, predictions are worse then apple, that’s already bad, and I end always putting unwanted apostrophes in sentences :((((

On my i4113 it never crashed. However when I shut it, it reboots. :slight_smile:

Like all the stock apps of Jolla is pretty basic, but it just works. Almost all the time. It’s fast enough:)

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My emails arrive late even though i have it to be always up to date, it has UI/UX issues etc.

Yes it works but its not that pleasant to use.

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Yes but not everyone wants microG on on their phone.
Other than that, you can customize anything you want on the iPhone to configure swipe actions etc, even the stock mail app.

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I cannot really comment on the functionality of the SailfishOS mail app, as I am just not patient enough to use it much - the mail app is very likely the slowest e-mail client on any platform that I ever encountered… :scream:

It has been like that since the Jolla 1 days and has not improved significantly on the Xperia X or XA2 over time (and across several fresh installs). I normally only have it running so I get notifications of mail, then use webmail to access the mail, as the mail app just takes too long. (Until Sailfish 4.0(?), I was actually using mutt in a terminal on my Xperia X to check my mail, as that was lightyears faster (text-only, so not a fair comparison), but unfortunately, mutt no longer works on newer Sailfish-versions… :anguished: )

I had some discussion on this with a developer way-back-when in the Jolla 1 days and received a comment that my server (simple dovecot-based IMAP server) is “slow”, yet any other mail client I’ve ever used to access the same server is much faster, Evolution, Thunderbird, KMail, even K9 on an old Samsung Galaxy S2…

Incredibly enough, i find the default mail app, a fantastic app to use, love the ui and the fact that i can see every account at a glance

Back when i was on android i was using profimail which have a similar approach

I hate the fact i have to open a submenu and have completely unnecessary passages to see other mails…