Sailfish OS devices no longer available on

Hey everyone, so when visiting the jolla store today I see that all of the sailfish devices have been removed. Is this in relation to the unfolding incident between Russia and the Ukraine?

Just now I checked and there is still SFOS for 5 phones models available.

The OS is available to download, but all of the preinstalled devices seem to have been removed.
They were all there yesterday.

Just noticed the comment at the bottom of the page.

I did sleep away that preinstalled SFOS devices ever were available via the Jolla homepage…
Thanks for info!

I don’t think has anything to do with Jolla (the company)?

6 Likes is private company which is independent from


Well, that is your answer then. And yes, jolla-devices is an independent site and is not associated with Jolla (it’s been around for a while and I think it is really cool).

Sorry, maybe it’s a stupid question, but I don’t get what is the link between private company and the situation in Ukraine (if there is one), and what’s the ‘protest’ aiming to get.

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Not a stupid question, but I guess you did not read the post:

And ummm, there certainly is one:

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Umm… the end of my question was asking about the aim of the protest, so I did read about the banner at the bottom of the page, and ‘the one’ was referred to the link between the company and the news.

In other words, what is trying to achieve by suspending the sales of SFOS products? Who should feel ‘hurt’ or ‘damaged’ by their protest?

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Thats a good question, the best I could come up with, and I think this is a stretch at best… SFOS is used by Russia :man_shrugging:

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