Sailfish in America

Can someone explain to me why we cannot purchase Sailfish directly here in the United States? Just curious, although this is definitely a moot point if it never gets VoLTE support.

Some speculations can be found e.g. here:

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Wait so you’re still using your phone to make voice calls? Are you 60yo or something? :laughing:

disclaimer: this was meant to be just a funny comment, I totally see your point that missing features like VoLTE would make SFOS a hard sell in the US.

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oh wait, sorry, just saw your next comment. but some apparently don’t verbally communicate at all. even 60 year olds. and I’m not sixty. I’m 106!

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Maybe there are not enough customers in America. They think Finland is bigger market. For real, I have no idea. Maybe there is law issues with Android support, or entering market costs some serious $$$ so tiny Finnish company do not have enough resources. Just guessing…

Don’t know if there are also some legal regularities, e.g. in terms of security/ granting access to US authorities if a service is offered in the US? While Jolla doesn’t really offer services but an OS. But maybe Jolla would have to allow US authorities to implement trojans on request if they’d sell their software there. Some patriot act stuff I mean. Don’t know though. I don’t think the Russian government, Jollas main customer presently, would be too happy then:-)