Sailfish Devember

It’s already that time again

(i’m copying the intro from last year, thx @attah )

Devember is a challenge you take up. It is an excuse for programming, for learning to code and for sharing it.

Warning a little late this year but i like this tradition and think we should keep it. This year i was aiming at the laziest project possible but also the trendiest one… making an Artificial Intelligence (AI) code for me. Rest assured, they won’t take our jobs yet, it was harder than doing it myself.

I used OpenAI to do so, very user friendly. As you can see in the codeberg repo my first question was only " create a Sailfish OS application that can request the openai API", and just like it would have been with a customer asking for an app, it did not went great. You learn a lot about defining precisely what you want (like use this version of Qt, use Sailfish.Silica, etc…) and also how the AI will do something compared to how you would have done it. It’s also a nice way of seeing best practices (i think, at least i asked for it).

In the end I asked for features like “limit to three requests per api key”, because that’s something I’m planning to use on an other app in the future. You can read the codeberg readme for examples. The name of the app, SeaAiNetic, was also generated by the AI and so was the logo (i can kinda see the shape of a boat, of a fish and half a face). You can download the app and ask three questions. Then you’ll have to add your own API key.

Although it does not match Attah’s list :

It was “”"“fun”""" to do.

Happy coding


Now that should remind me that sailslack still has bugs:)


Jeezzus. I’m just trying to wrap my head around worker scripts updating ListModels … isn’t that challenge enough :slight_smile: