Chat with an AI

Do you want to chat with an AI? Try the very impressive ChatGPT. You can chat about anything, ask questions, create text, code… anything. Try your native language, at least Swedish is OK.
You’ll need a openai account to access the chat.

While someone apparently flagged this spam, I think it is info about something that I am sure many community members are interested in.


Well, at the first look it sounds like off-topic. But I agree with you. It’s a really impressive tool and may help a lot some developers or other newbie learning to develop some new software :slight_smile:


It was me. I agree it could be interesting, but the way it was posted there was no connection to sailfish or the the community, just a promotional post for something I’m sure is already getting more than enough hype.

So where do you think Jolla could best use chatgpt for?

First, it was not meant to be promotional, I just read about it, tried it briefly and found it impressive and interesting, so I wanted to share with community because I know I’m not the only one that find AI interesting.
I don’t think Jolla can or should use chatgpt at all, but community members might find a use case.

@atlochowski That’s the backside of AI and I’m afraid we will see a lot of that the coming years. It will take decades until AI is matured and for humanity to find the proper implementation.

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I thought about it a bit, and I think it might be a very useful tool for collecting and consolidating bug information. Jolla could feed it with the contents of the forum and have it automatically extract combined information about bugs that’s spread across topics, evaluate which bugs are most prominent and which ones have a bigger impact, etc. It could then be asked which bug should be given the highest priority.

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No, thanks. (20 chars)


The word evaluate is the key here. I’ve been doing some training (llama 2 derivatives) of generative models and I’m not impressed. All of the real challenges I throw at ChatGPT3.5 and 4 it eventually fails at. My fine tuned models do a bit better, but frankly, will never get ISO certified. Those are the generative which don’t do anything but inference. I’m having somewhat better results using variants of layoutlm (from microsoft) which is not generative but can ‘understand’ natural language instructions. But, frankly, most of the ‘evaluation’ here doesn’t need AI. It needs clear heuristics and a bit of AWK :wink:

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