Sailfish Community News, 19th May, Xperia 10 III and VoLTE

You need Xperifirm 5.65, 5.40 is outdated and does not connect to the Sony servers.

But you can only download Android 12 firmware with Xperifirm, so it does not help.


Great news. I’m working on a stop motion animation app and getting ever more wrapped up in Camera.


Thanks Miau. I have a working copy of XperiFirm now but as you say I can’t get the older firmware files. I’m now stuck, will try and Duckduckgo my way out of this…

I guess getting some VM with USB support, installing Windows (u can probably still download the web developer IE compatibility test win10 images which save you the hour Windows needs to install and you can directly log in from Microsoft) & Emma, reflash.

Are these the Images you mentioned:


But the Win10 download is even bigger than the Win10 iso. I’ll wait till everything is downloaded and install Sailfish later in the evening. What a shame that you have to use Windows to download a firmware…

I wasn’t able to find any firmware images on the net. Here is a list of the available firmwares. The .550 and .533 releases are Android 12.

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Of course it is. This VM will directly boot up and you can log into a preexisting user. The Win10 ISO is smaller because it only contains the installer and will download Windows during the installation process :wink:

@flypig do we need to enable VoLTE somewhere on Android 11 before flashing to SFOS if we want to enable the beta on SFOS?
(asking because some things, like picture messaging, seem to work better if they have been set up in android pre-flash)

Tried that ones on VirtualBox and qemu both, but Emma couldn’t find my Xperia X, although X apparently was mounted in VM.

It’s not strictly necessary, but our general advice is to test everything out with Android before flashing Sailfish OS so that you know your phone is in good working order.

Similar here. Completed the Flash from from Android 11 but blue light stayed on after flashing. Had to use

fastboot continue

from terminal to start Sailfish.

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One thing I’ve noticed is that getting a GPS fix is considerably slower than on the Xperia 10 II and the phone loses position accuracy more easily.
But still nowhere near as bad as with the XA2.

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I confirm blue led stuck after flashing. Im so glad, how the android apps works! - hige improvement, no lags, no freezies! Browser is so brillant with speed! Only one thing i have noticed, is gesture on left, right, is not well responsive like on X10 I, sometimes scrolls instead swipe, maybe due to screen protector on X10 I i have, but the difference is noticable, X10 III less responsive. Ah, and you need put twice finger on fingerprint.

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Guys pls help i have paid via paypal and i have yet to receive my license

You have to contact Jolla Zendesk and wait. Asking here won’t help.

Noted. May i ask how do i get in touch with zendesk

Is this really a thing? Where would that previous usage and settings be stored if you’re reflashing the phone???

Same here (though device gave ‘fastboot: usage: unknown command device’, but continue pushed it further, thanks!)

Yeah I get it, it sounds impossible. But then I see posts like this:

I’ve heard other such stories too, so just checking with the source!

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Any ideas how to install Storeman on Xperia 10 III ? The Storeman installer doesn’t work and I couldnt find any workaround yet. Thanks