Sailfish Community News, 15th December, Season's Greetings

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Sailfish OS update from Jolla

Christmas always feels so far away, and then before there’s even a chance to be surprised, it’s upon us like an Indominus Rex. And so it is that we find ourselves sharing the last newsletter before Christmas.

On behalf of Jolla, let me therefore take the opportunity to wish everyone in the Sailfish community the very best Christmas.

Christmas card etiquette would usually also have us wishing you a happy new year, but with the way the newsletter falls this year, we’ll have another on the 29th December. So let me hold off on that just for now, but just tempt you to look in on the next newsletter where we’ll be having our usual annual roundup of the movers and shakers in the app and porting world.

Between now and then we’ll be busy preparing for various events happening early in 2023. Jolla has been a regular at the annual Consumer Electronics Show held every year in Las Vegas, which this year runs between the 5th and 8th of January. You may recall that Jolla attended AutoTech Europe a couple of weeks ago, where we demonstrated Android App Support on Linux for use in the automotive sector. At CES we’ll also be demonstrating Android App Support to interested parties. If you’re planning to attend yourself, let us know so we can say hello.

We’ve also been making preparations for our annual trip to Brussels for FOSDEM 2023, which this year is taking place on the weekend of the 4th-5th February. FOSDEM celebrates open source in all its forms, bringing developers from all over the world together with the intention of sharing ideas and fostering collaboration. In this spirit we’re very happy to be helping run the Linux on Mobile stand at the event, alongside a number of other mobile Linux distributions including postmarketOS, Mobian and Ubuntu Touch. If you’re planning to attend FOSDEM then we very much hope you’ll seek us out on the stand. We’re also hoping to present in at least one of the devrooms on a Sailfish-related topic. We don’t yet know exactly where or when, since the final schedule hasn’t been released, but we’ll let you know once it is. Again, we hope you’ll join us at the presentations.

Traditionally the Sailfish community has also organised a BoF (Birds of a Feather) event, and an evening meal, and we very much hope these will happen again this year. Do let us know if you plan to attend so that we can help coordinate some of these activities.

But while we’re working towards all of these events between now and the new year, most sailors will also be taking some well-earned time off over Christmas to spend with family and friends. And maybe just a little Sailfish device and app tinkering as well. We hope you’ll have the chance to do the same.

Read on for our regular Repository Roundup from Damien Caliste, where you’ll find out about all the latest Sailfish code-related gossip in the form of pending and accepted pull-requests. After which we’ll also have our regular look at four of the most interesting apps we’ve seen sailing into harbour this fortnight.

Repository roundup

The latest commits in Sailfish OS repositories confirmed the recent work on 5G support, and are also bringing various tiny fixes here and there, like in the browser, the calendar, the VPN… Many small changes that squash irritating small bugs for the user. We just need to wait now for the public release to get rid of them!

Telephony stack

Browser stack

Calendar stack

Network stack

Low-level libraries

SDK and development tools

Sailfish OS website

Software engineering

App roundup

We have a lovely selection of apps this fortnight. If you’re looking for distraction, then these apps can help. Papocchio provides the perfect doodling platform that can suck in a surprising amount of time. But if you want something more physical, then we also have an app to get you outside and throwing discs across fields with SCOCADIGO, a digital scorecard app for disc golf players. If fun and games aren’t your thing, then don’t fret, there are other options here as well. Maybe some more serious distraction in the form of technology news would suit you better? We have a couple of apps that can help with this too, in the form of SailHN and Tidings. Read on for the full details.


I’ve led a very sheltered life. I know that now, because until I moved to Finland I had no idea that disc golf was a thing. I’m sure it’s only me, but just in case there’s anyone else out there who’s yet to understand the joys of the sport, let me explain. Disc golf is like golf, but with Frisbees (flying discs). Instead of holes in the green, players aim to sink their discs into a metal basket atop a stick (which provide the inspiration for the app’s icon). Instead of different golf clubs, players can use different disc types (putters, mid-ranges, drivers) for different stages of a hole. And most pertinent for this app, the scoring system is also similar to golf, with lowest throws winning.

Readers with a good knowledge of 20th Century history won’t be surprised to discover that disc golf was popularised in the 1970s.

The peculiarly named SCOCADIGO (apparently a portmanteau of score, card, disc and golf) is an app for managing the scoring of your disc golf game. It’s not a new app, having first been released back in 2017, but it’s enjoyed a flurry of development recently from its author Michael Johannes Muik (mjm). Version 0.2 introduced a host of new features, including a new cover view, an improved settings page, acoustic feedback (sounds), and more. The latest release brings it to version 0.3 which fixes some bugs and introduces an aarch64 version for the Xperia 10 II and Xperia 10 III.

The functionality of the app itself is split into five sections: games, players, courses, scorecards and settings. In order to start a game you must first create the course (how many holes, the par for each hole and other related details) and the players. You can then start your game, entering the number of throws for each player as the course continues. Eventually you’ll end up with a completed score card for the game.

It’s all pretty intuitive, even for a disc golf novice like me. Aside from the functionality, it’s also worth highlighting the aesthetics of the app. In the world of Sailfish OS you generally find two kinds of apps: those which almost exclusively make use of the Silica widgets with a rigid adherence to the Sailfish OS aesthetic, and those which throw the Sailfish OS conventions out of the window and go their own way (the latter often being cross-platform designs).

SCOCADIGO achieves something quite remarkable: it’s clearly a Sailfish OS app, but very much with its own aesthetic. Big colourful buttons, bespoke input fields, and its own font give a unique feel, while dialogue headers, page stacks and ambience blending make everything still feel familiar. Michael has done a great job here.

Even if you’re not a disc golf aficionado, I’d recommend taking a look at SCOCADIGO if you’re interested in app design and what can be achieved with Sailfish OS. It’s available from the Jolla Store. The app’s website is also worth a visit if you’re not prone to dizziness.


We’ve featured Tidings before, and as I’ve mentioned previously, it’s one of the apps I personally use daily to check the news from multiple sources. Tidings is a very solid and functional RSS reader, allowing you to subscribe to multiple website RSS feeds, and in the process giving quick access to multiple news articles in one place and — usually — without the tracking and advertising you’d get from the website.

Originally developed by Martin Grimme, the app was picked up by Mark Washeim (poetaster) in 2021 and has enjoyed some nice updates since. The latest makes the switch from the WebKit to the Gecko backend for rendering Web content. And it makes for an unexpectedly refreshing change, making the app feel much more modern and responsive. This latest version 1.3.0 is definitely worth updating to.

Mark is to be congratulated on a very nice update and for keeping this excellent app alive. Tidings is available from the Jolla Store, OpenRepos and Chum.


Hacker News is a technology- and entrepreneur-oriented news site created and run by the successful Y Combinator technology accelerator. Started in 2007, the site has managed to retain it’s simple aesthetic, offering a way to post commends and discuss news stories on external sites, as well as shorter user-generated stories. It’s very much of the Reddit or Slashdot style of discourse (clean and functional, or a bare-bones and archaic? That’s a matter of opinion).

Sailfish OS is blessed with a surprising number of ways to access Hacker News: through the browser, via an RSS reader such as Tidings, using the “Hacker News” app from the Jolla Store.

SailHN is another variant on this theme from Andrea Scarpino (ilpianista). It’s enjoyed many years of updates, having been released back in 2015, and as a result offers a solid experience. You can scroll through the categories: top, newest, show, ask, job and best, by swiping the page left and right. On each page, the latest stories will appear. Selecting an entry opens up the comments for that story.

But it also offers capabilities that aren’t available with many of the other approaches either. In particular, supply it with your Hacker News username and password, and you’ll be able to post text articles, external links, comments and replies to the site. I did hit a slight problem, in that the app wouldn’t accept a username or password containing a “+” symbol, but otherwise it worked nicely (and hopefully this can be fixed in a future release).

The latest updates brings the app to version 0.8.7, adding the important SailJail permissions that allow it to work with sandboxing. I didn’t experience any sandboxing issues while using the app.

This latest version is available from the Jolla Store, OpenRepos and Chum.


Papocchio is another app from Andrea Scarpino (ilpianista). It’s not a new app, having first been released in the Jolla Store back in 2014, but it is the first time we’ve covered it here in the newsletter.

The app provides a simple “free-hand drawing application”, which allows you to create simple monochrome line-based art using your finger. Unlike more complex image manipulation tools such as Imageworks, Papocchio puts the canvas front and centre, with just a single minimal toolbar obscuring only a small area at the top of the screen.

The features it has work very nicely: you can change the thickness of the line between 1 and 30 pixels, which is a sensibly chosen range. You can quickly switch between draw mode (black ink on the white canvas) and eraser (white ink on the white canvas). Conveniently, each has its own thickness value, so you can set things up to have a thin line but a fat eraser, say.

You can also save your image out at any time (each save appears as a new image under Photos in the Gallery) or when things go very wrong, wipe the entire canvas to start again.

The app works very nicely. There are a few improvements I think could make it even more useful (the ability to load images, and the current image appearing on the app cover, spring to mind), but as it is, it’s already a very nice way to quickly create doodles on your phone.

Version 1.3.4 of the app brings SailJail permissions, a lovely new icon and Lithuanian translations. It’s available from the Jolla Store, OpenRepos and Chum.

Please feed us your news

We hope you enjoyed this fortnight’s community news. This is your news, and frankly we can’t always keep up with all the exciting stuff happening in the Sailfish community, so please help us out by replying to this post in the forum if you’d like to see something included.

And do also join us at our community meetings on IRC, Matrix and Telegram. It’s a great place to discuss any of the content you see here, ask questions and share your ideas. Due to the Christmas period the next meeting won’t now be until the 12th January in the new year, but we hope to see you there.


Real geeks play: Ultimate (sport) - Wikipedia

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Ok, I played twice in 1992 and have avoided it since. They threw me out of the soccer league. But having a governing body like World Flying Disc Federation - Wikipedia is just, so, cool.

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