Sailfish and microG

Good evening everyone,
I am really sorry not to be able to write and report perfectly all the parameters suggested in the example.
I only know that in a Sony Xperia XA2 dual sim H4133, microG does not work, which is necessary for the installation of, for example, WhatsApp.
I don’t know if someone from Jolla is reading this forum, in case it wouldn’t hurt and he took note.
Now I am trying to install Sialfish X as it is the last release microG worked with and then upgrade to Sailfish
If in the meantime someone of good will has found a solution, thank you very much in advance.

Whatsapp works without microg

You can download open source android applications from and from fdroid you can download Aurora store to download whatsapp from Google play store for example.

That is not the problem though as Whatsapp offers an apk officially that you can download from:


No, not in my case: the installation goes well, I get the message with the code, then I get the warning that it takes Google Services and then everything crashes.
However, beyond WhatsApp, microG has had problems since version of Sailfish and given the absence of specific apps made just for Sailfish, it’s up to use the Android ones and some want Google Services in all ways.
Does anyone know, please, how to fix this problem, without going all the time from version

Yes we do, thanks to the community findings:

(But you should still try to reinstall Whatsapp completely, it indeed doesn’t require Play Services. Maybe you’ve enabled the backup on GDrive?)


I hope this gets Jolla’s attention so it can be fixed in Android Support in the next release (since it is apparently not yet fixed and appears easy to fix)

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Thanks a lot for reporting! :smiley:
I’ll take a look at it and, as @JoOppen says, if it’s quick and easy we hope that either Jolla or the microG developers, get their hands on it

Can anybody confirm that they had a well configured and working Micro with 3.4 but it stops working after an update to 4.0?

For me, MicroG is still working on both, my XA2 and the Xperia 10 under

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Hi, I can confirm it, it happened to me too.

Same, everything was and still is working post-upgrade.

Thank you for the reports, I updated and it indeed still works as it should.
One problem I faced is that themepack support was preventing Aliendalvik from starting and I had to remove it.

I confer the opposite. MicroG failed to function correctly on a freshly flashed, with the systems working after dealing with signature spoofing (both with the img patching method and the symlink) but never allowing me to add an account or use SafetyNet, and many programs still weren’t registering with GCM. After updating to 4.0, MicroG SafetyNet started working, and I was able to add not one but two Google accounts, and all applications had both working GCM and notifications.


Just in case it’s for someone’s benefit: I had issues with Android apps relying on Google Play Services after updating my XA2 from 3.4 to 4.

I could restore functionality with opengapps using this guide but adapting to Android 9.0 instead of 8.1. My whole story you can find here.