Sailbook/Sailfinder/BeRail: looking for maintainers

I have supported Sailfish OS and Jolla for a very long time, but recently I moved away from the Jolla boat as explained here:

Since I developed several apps in the past for Sailfish OS, I’m looking for people who want to take over the development. If I cannot find any maintainers, the apps will be archived and deleted from the Jolla Store and by the end of March 2021.

The code will stay public of course, it is FOSS and always will be!


In that case, I would like to thank you especially for Sailbook (which I have been using quite a bit) and wish you all the best in your new adventures! Sadly, I do not have the resources (as in time and knowledge) to step up myself, but I do hope that someone will.


Thanks for your commitment!

I’ll pull the Sailbook repo and see if I have the time. Probably not since FB is a ‘moving target’ but perhaps enough to keep it on openrepos…


Feel free to fork it, the repos will get marked ‘archived’ so no new contributions will be possible except for forking by the end of March.

I noticed that someone is ahead of you with commits in a fork at:

So I’m going to talk to them first… Thanks again!

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So that fork/user has vanished now. Are you looking into picking this up @poetaster?

I’m just getting my feet wet with QML again. Just about finished with a Hacker News reader and looking at somewhat larger things. I may not be the right fit since I rarely use facebook :slight_smile:

Update, I’ve forked and looked at the code enough to know I just need to do some builds to convince me I’ll be up for it… but if your up for it go…! I have two other projects started.


I’ll decline unfortunately.

I’m neither good enough at coding nor at web techologies to be able to maintain sailbook.

(Also, I’m not single enough to do it for SailFinder, and not Belgian anough for BeRail… :smiley: )


No, problem. I’ll probably do it. The project is really well structured and the code is clean. So it’s minimal risk.


So can I conclude that we have a maintainer for Sailbook? @poetaster

I just discovered Sailbook yesterday :wink:
Thanks for your work and I hope this project will continue.

Probable is probable. Forked it I have. Till I’ve done a release, talk of maintaining is premature.

If/when you get there, ping me so we can figure out how to get the maintainership in Harbour transferred to you (with permission from @DylanVanAssche)

Ah, in the context of Jolla or openrepos? I’m just digging around looking for my openrepos credentials…

Harbour == Jolla Store :slight_smile:

That that’s what you meant :slight_smile: I had developed (2016/17) but never released. I’d need to look at the conditions that Jolla imposes. openrepos,I’m looking at now.

Ok, I’ve not got this far with Sailbook, but I’m now the maintainer of Tidings (, the RSS reader. As yet I haven’t looked at developer credentials with jolla (or perhaps I did?!).

My initial impression is that Sailbook is manageable, but the problem is, I’m not really an FB user. I’m a once a month user. I only have a dev. account at FB because of work. So, I thinking I’m not the right guy. Hmmm.

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Sorry Dylan, I’ve just taken on a bunch of other apps for which I’m a better fit. I hope someone comes along soon!

No problem!
I just wanted to give a chance to the SFOS community to take it over, if not, I will take them down from OpenRepos and the Jolla Store in a week.

Sailbook is awesome, especially with how it can keep a lot of the Facebook stuff out…