Sailbook finally broke?

I know that Sailbook has been unmaintained for quite some time now, but it has kept running reasonably well on my Xperia X under Unfortunately, the hardware is failing, so I’m slowly moving to my second Xperia X, which is a) in better state and b) running - but that seems to be one step too far for Sailbook. I was able to log into Facebook, but after that, Sailbook just hangs upon loading. Have others seen this as well? 'cause in that case I’d stop looking for fixes and just restrict using FB to my laptops… :yum:

Hm. Maybe it was just a fluke - after the umpteenth time starting the app, it suddenly went through and seems to be working as well or as badly as under (i.e. with some limitations like search no longer working properly, some links not working, etc.).

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Actually, after using it for a couple of days, it looks like Sailbook is a lot more flakey on - I frequently need to reload or even restart the app because it hangs every now and then. In the end, I can always get it to work again, but this is definitely a lot worse than on

I stopped using it when messenger stopped working. That was one of the best features. Started using Brave Browser. Unfortunately it crashes all the tims.

I tried Sailbook again now and it works quite well. But as you say, it crashes all the time.

I saw in Storeman that someone has compiled it for Aarch64.

I would love to see Sailbook working again but I do not know in the least even where to start.

On Gitlab is newer version in (stopped?) development - link using new responsive web, it is good until you want to go to Messages or notifications.

I mainly use Facebook web (the new responsive) in Angelfish browser from flatpak. It works pretty well but it’s need to enable desktop mode and then go to because without the desktop mode it redirects you to