Request to reenter mail password almost every day

from the update to
i am requested to reenter the password for my email account almost every day
there has been no reboot in that duration, nothing but normal use phone calls, sms, mail reading, almost nothing else

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Which mail provider are you using?

a confidential cooperative “
before the update it ran flawlessly on SFOS since 2014

Ok, I’m using Infomaniak and saw this issue. Once I deleted and created my account again, I never saw this issue.

Now that I had to configure a new phone, I’m even unable to configure my account :frowning:

new phone, which one,
do you mean with SFOS?

I gave up using the mail software provided by Jollyboys because after a certain amount of time (rather random, linked to a connection that goes wrong?) I had to delete the mail account opened at Ouvaton on my xperia and then redo it by resetting the parameters. I did it once, then a second time, and it’s been a bit of a pain ever since. As a result, my Ouvaton e-mail account is now managed by K9mail. And it’s been working perfectly ever since! This changeover was carried out well before the last update.
I will try to reopen an account on the native app for my mail at


in my case it happens since the last update

if i understand well K9mail works only as an android app
i had not like to do that
moreover i had it installed on an android tablet and the least i can say was that i was not very satsified with it

I have experienced something similar but

thanks to all for all the answers

yesterday things got worse and worse with the request coming about every quarter of an hour

the funny thing is that it did not seem to prevent emails from being received or sent

and from this morning on (about 12 hours) the request did not appeared

that remember me this Murphys’Law which seems to apply to Jolla or Jollybos nowadays

“If builders built buildings the way programmers wrote programs then the first woodpecker that came along would destroy civilization”

Did you try to delete the account an reinstall it?

Is this only a problem with Ouvaton? So maybe it is a Ouvaton problem? A quick look in the Quvaton forum found one example for other people have the same issue:

Have you other emails accounts working with the native email app?

i do not have any other email account so in cannot check

but as i pointed out this appeared after the last update and used to wotk fllawlessy since my jolla 1 in 2014
so this can be considered as an SFOS related trouble

and it works for years without any trouble on my two linux komputer

i did not had any request since last night, so maybe???