(Request) SFOS port for another device lineup (Xperia 5)

Hi there all

Just wanted to ask, what do you think about possibly upcoming new official port? I checked the newer Xperia 10’s. 10 IV has only slighlty faster cpu compared to 10 III, beside that it is practicly the same device with some additional drawbacks
10 V is reported to be almost identical to VI, same CPU and still only 6GB RRAM, I already see OOM Killer working great there…

To those you want to tell me that Im dreaming, please, don’t. I would like to see next official port for device from Xperia 5 line, for device that has at least 8GB of ram. Xperia 5 IV seems like a good idea for SFOS to be progressive and it is already in open devices program:

It seems really pointless to port SFOS to newer Xperia 10’s as those device doesn’t bring anything good to resources hungry os.

What do you think?

Duplicate? https://forum.sailfishos.org/t/xperia-1-iv-5-iv-and-10-iv-support/11394