Request: Redshift / Night Light / Flux-like feature!

I am missing an OS-wide feature that would suppress emission of blue light after sunset. This is a critical feature dearly missing from an operating system whose UX design is one of the main seling points otherwise!
(Not to mention that every competing OS, as well as the desktop ones have had this feature for years.)

If you are not going to implement it yourself please open up what is necessary so that the community can.



Is this something that could be implemented in the lipstick wayland compositor or has it to be done by poking at a few GPU registers? The only implementation of it I’ve seen the source code of did in in the latter way, but to be fair, that was on a 3DS which doesn’t have a compositor.

EDIT: My proposal in that case would be for lipstick to handle the actual tinting of the screen and have the settings application send the configuration, like KDE’s Kwin does: Sadly, this is licensed under the GPLv2.0 and Lipstick is licensed under the LGPLv2.1, which means that you probably cannot use the code in lipstick without licensing it under the GPLv2 as well.

So many good ideas were brought forward at the start of the system’s launch. Such a shame they don’t have enough resources to implement some of these.

Agreed, a filter was the first thing I looked for (for me, would be on all the time).

Just in case you weren’t aware, a cludge solution (found it via TJC) is using TintOverlay by coderus - if you’re more capable than me this will be a cinch to set up (maybe not in the background, though!) Auto-Start good, Background Launch bad (Tint Overlay)