Request new location on weather app ... manqutay

please add my location manqutay to weather app …

Hello, I had the same problem 7 years ago, my home town was not in the locations list and is is still not available today. Instead, I used the nearest next available location just 2.2 miles away.

Locations are provided by Foreca themselves, not by Jolla/SailfishOS. I wonder if contacting Foreca might be the better way to go.

my location is available on foreca but weather app can find and show it … on meecast i want vasili and he do it

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Then stay with MeeCast. You wont get any response regarding Sailfish Weather.

Example of this problem, reported by myself and others, please read the thread to the end and you will see some final words from Joona Petrell (lead programmer) on how lists are managed;