Duplicate locations in weather app

REPRODUCIBILITY (% or how often): 100%
APPLICATION: Weather (sailfish-weather)
REGRESSION: Not for current OS, problem has been around a long time


Some locations are duplicated for the same country, see image



There’s also some locations that are available in Foreca.mobi but do not show up when you use the search (new location) function in the Sailfish app. In one instance I’ve noticed (Stratford) there is a lot of locations in the US for this place name yet there are several locations in different parts of the world for this place name listed on the website but missing on the app. Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Canada.

Is there a limit to how many place names with the same names can be displayed?

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Hi, thanks for reporting. This deserves to be checked.

A known issue is that on, the localisation of city names is missing. This might cause some confusion to the search results. We have added the localised city names to the upcoming Let’s check the issue reported in this post with the new update.

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Some locations are still missing from the app after the update to

Not forgetting (which I did until just now), the name of the weather station on the 2nd page of Weather app, just says the name of the country and not the stations location, example of how it should be:

Weather station  Alicante, Spain

But currently, I have (on both Jolla 1 devices);

Weather station   Spain


Indeed, including those that just simply don’t seem to exist on the database. A quick example would be my last residence;

Westgate on Sea, Kent

Westgate-on-Sea is historical for many reasons, it should be included, just as it is from Foreca’s main site, it would be nice to know why some places have not been included from the very start of Sailfish’s Weather.

I’m not sure of the logic of what locations are displayed in the Sailfish app. It certainly not on the size (population) of the location. At least from where I live there are some larger locations missing while relatively minor ones are included.

Weather app location search is based on Foreca API, which supports tens of thousands of weather locations around the world. The localization issue @jovirkku mentioned was our fault, but if the issues persist likely we need to report them further to Foreca.


If you go to the Foreca website foreca.mobi there are locations listed there which do not appear in the Sailfish app. I would assume that if the location is on the website it should be on the app. For example Stratford, Victoria, Australia, and Stratford, Taranaki, New Zealand are listed on the website but not on the app.

There can be differences (which we should report when we find those), but that is variation on Foreca backend side. Sailfish OS side either gets locations or doesn’t, we don’t alter the search results.


I’m having a similar problem on In my country there are two cities with the same name. When I search for my city two results show up, but it is impossible to tell which is which. Worse, no matter which one you pick always the same one is added (and ofcourse it’s the wrong one), and it is impossible to add both (only one can be in the list at once).