Reply box disappears behind keyboard on mobile

When I browse this forum on the Sailfish browser and I reply to a topic the text input field is behind the keyboard and scrolling up doesn’t help.

This is known feature of old browser engine not site problem. General usability of this forum with SFOS browser


I thought I read that it should be better with the new browser engine under 3.4?

push the hamburger menu (top right beside avatar)
and activate ‘Desktop View’.
then you may move / resize the text box

OP did not specify what SFOS version he is using

Sorry, you’re right. I’m using Sailfish OS on an XA2 Plus.

Anyway, I’ll check out the link you posted.

Hi, reported multiple times, Jolla is aware of it:
General usability (of this forum) with SFOS browser / Taping blind while wriying a reply in the forum / [] [BUG] Keyboard in browser hides the textbox of Sailfish OS Forum

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