[Release notes] Verla 4.2.0

I totally get that and know the limitations (manpower etc).

Ideally Jolla and Mozilla would collaborate and get Firefox on the most proper linux mobile OS but they feel its more important for them to have it on iOS.


thanks to everyone who worked on this release! Update went without problems on XA2. Browser and android apps are much faster. (Maybe we can get a section in the community news about the reasons for that :slight_smile:

You can even see what you are writing in the forum now. My personal favorite is of course, that the pitch compensation for higher playback rates made it in. Now i can finally listen to podcasts in higher speed again. (podqast update incoming with a few qol fixes regarding that)

Thank you all, great work!


But browser does work much better + faster now! I’m very curious about the final release!

Many thanks to Jolla & the community!!!

I am on a community device so i have to wait to test it. Without the newer engine i kind of don’t expect my problems to be solved.

Disabled online calendars (in my case Exchange and Google) are enabled again after a reboot.

Storeman does work again. The default app works, not 'Storeman Installer.

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After several reboots some Android apps dont work on wifi at all, even without flight mode. Any ideas how fix this? Seems that update didnt went quite well :frowning:


Have the same problem about 80% of the time

the nubekula repo (MLS offline packages) had some problems yesterday causing package refresh to fail. Maybe that’s why Storeman seemed to not work?

I have the same issue. It seems that it happens because open-url.desktop is missing on /home/nemo/.local/ folder.

The changelog says that separate .desktop files were removed/combined. There may be a mishap there…


Same here (on XA2). More often than before I accidentally perform unwanted actions in apps instead of going back to home screen.

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Somehow everything got worse for me
Android has become faster and smoother, but videos stutter … e.g. Youtube Vanced or Gcam Videos
The reception sometimes fills out when the signal is not that good
I was unable to convince Android apps to send messages on the go
i need whatsapp for work too, it’s stupid if you don’t have internet on the way although you could have it
I have to go back to
text prediction doesn’t really work sometimes i can click on a word otherwise it doesn’t work


Since this update, predictive input hangs a lot… (XA2)


I have the same problem. Whatsapp seems to be OK, but Opera browser, Windy, Sports Tracker, Here, and our Covid Tracer app either don’t connect via WiFi or have flakey connections over WiFi. Turn WiFi off and revert to mobile data and they connect OK.

Using a Sony XA2


Noticed this tonight for the first time. Took several goes to be able select the word I wanted from those offered by predictive text. XA2

Identified another problem: USB/MTP tried for few times and than gave up (charging only) - tried several times by disconnecting/reconnecting USB. After Xperia 10II retart, MTP link was established without problem. OS on computer: Fedora 33.

On my XperiaX I cannot open browser link on Whatsapp. On native email app the links are working well.

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Hi, how cand I get the new version on my phone? When I try to check for updates it says that it’s already up to dat, but it’s using kvarken.

Hi Hiroi, this is only an Early Access release currently. You should expect bugs, with the expectation that you report them here. It can also happen that you might need to reflash after updating to an Early Access release. It will be safer to wait for the final release of 4.2, which often comes a few weeks after the EA.

If you do want to install an Early Access release, you can log in to your jolla account and enable Early Access. Afterwards you can check on your phone for updates and it should offer the EA as an update.