[Release notes] Verla 4.2.0

My XperiaX update stopped when the progress bar was at 100%. I waited a while and forced a boot knowing that at the end I can have a bricked phone. Though the phone booted normally. One good notice is that now I can see what I write on this forum. Thx


The same here on XA2… Waited for an hour and made hard reboot. Device rebooted twice. After that tried to update via ssu, downloaded some files and finished. Seems ok now.

Link to Browser not working, e.g. if you click on a link in a mail northing happens.

For me sometimes when unlocking, the screen, just slowly wakes up, and stay quite dark in the beginning. Never had that before…

Like 50-60% of edge swipes are failing now, especially while the App Grid is opened. Am I the only one experiencing this?


unfortunately sound on my xperia 10 ii is still not working (see No sound - No microphone). Is there any chance to get this fixed somehow?

There no word about problems with scrolling the text prediction list, but it seems to be fixed. At least in my Xperia X and 10. :smiley:

Just updated my Xperia 10 II from 4.1 with no issue in the update process. No major issue so far.
Update 2021-09-02:

  • problem: Contacts in People no longer show pictures. The only way to add picture is to take a photo…
  • problem: Ordinary timer alarm did not play, but pops-up every minute or so (restarting phone solved the problem temporarily
  • problem: after 15 h uptime, phone blocks from time-to time (GUI freeze)
  • some application appear unstable: Fernschriber, Pure maps)

Wifi on all Android apps not working with flight mode on - wifi on. XA2.

No fix yet - the text prediction bar can get stuck. In such a case, try dragging the whole keyboard sideways, even as far as to another keyboard (another language). This should release the prediction bar.


This should work, no known problem with it. Just tried with XA2 and 10II - “SVT Play” (Swedish TV) and the speed test “FAST” worked ok in the flight mode via WiFi.

The browser seems go load faster…any reason for that?

Kind of sad that we didn’t get a browser engine update. I can’t login to my banking web interface with the current one.


Yep. While many many good things in Verla for X10 II, still being stuck on ESR60 for probably next release cycle months is a big disappointment.

If browser updates could be released on its own schedule, would be a huge win. Since it’s such a central-to-everyday component.

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It is a big task. Work in progress.


I totally get that and know the limitations (manpower etc).

Ideally Jolla and Mozilla would collaborate and get Firefox on the most proper linux mobile OS but they feel its more important for them to have it on iOS.


thanks to everyone who worked on this release! Update went without problems on XA2. Browser and android apps are much faster. (Maybe we can get a section in the community news about the reasons for that :slight_smile:

You can even see what you are writing in the forum now. My personal favorite is of course, that the pitch compensation for higher playback rates made it in. Now i can finally listen to podcasts in higher speed again. (podqast update incoming with a few qol fixes regarding that)

Thank you all, great work!


But browser does work much better + faster now! I’m very curious about the final release!

Many thanks to Jolla & the community!!!

I am on a community device so i have to wait to test it. Without the newer engine i kind of don’t expect my problems to be solved.

Disabled online calendars (in my case Exchange and Google) are enabled again after a reboot.