[Release notes] Vanha Rauma

That’s normal and will be the same after each update. It’s because OBS has not the adapted profile (?).

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I flashed the on XA2. I did set in Patchmanager to accept incompatible versions.
Installed autorec, torch+mute, media vol buttons.
Seems to work so far.

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When trying to update Jolla tablet to .64 the updater complains I have too little space left to perform the update. I have around 486MB and the installer wants 500MB. I think the 500MB is just a nice round number, but where are the files that take the space. I have already cleaned up the device from everything that is not mandatory or otherwise take up some space. There’s only couple sideloaded Android programs, but the majority of space is taken by “Sailfish OS and other files” that take up 1,5Gb of the 1,9 reserved.

I suspect it must be some old update file downloads or something, is there some way to purge them, or any other way to free space from the OS partition?

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can you help me
When I tray to flash my xperia 10iii on Manjaro
I get this message:

fastboot -s HQ615R370E getvar secure
<< getvar:secure FAILED (remote: ‘GetVar Variable Not found’)

I don’t have the answer but the search engine shows results, maybe it helps:

I’m also using Manjaro. Try this and try flashing again.


Updated my Xperia 10 dual SIM just now. After downloading and installing there was a reboot loop abt. 3 or 4 times, but in the end it booted and works fine now.

GPS position fix is much better now, has position in 58 sec. while it needed at least 5 min. before.

UI seems to be smoother and faster now.

rest not tested yet, will report later.

Thanks very much Jolla!

edit: also successfully updated my X10 single SIM, works perfect.

tried to update my Volla phone via CLI, it displayed a long list but reported then: no updates found.

edit: In the mean time the Volla also updated out of itself, because it was set to autoupdate (without my knowledge). Because all my system tweaks were gone yesterday, I took notice of that. Everything went fine, Volla also works like a charm!

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So support for Xperia III is here, finally… Good to hear, but I doubt that there are many people out there which are willing to spend 50 bucks to remove a significant amount of key features and functionality from their Xperia III devices: Only 1 out of 3 cameras are working, the only one supported camera has a significantly worse image quality compared to the Android OS since there are key imaging features missing like HDR, no 5G, slower GPS, no NFC, no FM radio, to name only a few missing features…

And worst of all no iOS and no place to put your helmet.


And no complimentary backup of all your personal information on Google’s servers.


And getting actual administrative control of a device that you own. Terrible.


After update to, my Xperia 10 II lose every passwords for all emails, OneDrive and Nextcloud for the first time. Remember to have heard this happening for someone early, but fid not find the messages.

After input again all passwords, everything seems to work lawlessly.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to talk badly about Sailfish OS. I really, really like the usability of this OS and I highly appreciate the huge efforts of the whole Jolla team. That’s why I’ve been onboard the Jolla ship for almost 10 years now. But let’s be honest: For the vast majority of people it’s just not possible to rely on a Sailfish phone, only. You just need an additional Android phone running apps for online-banking, mobility providers, smart-home, electronic devices (e.g. hifi,camera), corona prevention/vaccination status and so on. Regarding the privacy: That’s a valid point but then please don’t use the Google search engine on your Sailfish device or apps like Whatsapp :wink: And if you have to use an additional Android device like me, you already gave up about this issue anyway… Regarding the security argument: Using Sailfish, your device is rooted. That means that the device is not very secure to start with, which is why online-banking apps don’t run in general on rooted devices. Apart from that, as you might know already it often takes a lot of time for Jolla to fix even very bad security leaks. In the end, Sailfish OS still is in a kind of an experimental status. That’s why Jolla specifically tells potential customers in the Jolla shop that they should not expect a fully-working, bug-free OS… I still don’t want to give up on Sailfish, but I’m more and more frustrated having to carry around 2 phones instead of 1 and having to charge both of them…
Having said that I want to thank the Jolla team for providing this new release and for continuing to sail the Jolla ship :slight_smile:

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I’ve never really owned an Android phone - I just don’t do anything that I can’t do on SailfishOS. Maybe I’m lucky that my banking app works in aliendalvik, but I don’t really feel disadvantaged. Sure the BT in Android would be nice (and I think will be feasible one day) but that’s about it. I certainly wouldn’t trade the possibility to get in my device and move/copy/change anything I wanted for any bell/whistle apps. The frustration when an Android/iOS device just won’t let you do something or get something that you know is right there is too annoying.

About the rooting - it’s not really correct to say SailfishOS is ‘rooted’, because that (like jailbreaking) implies that an exploit has been used to open up access to the device that you shouldn’t normally have. Because you have to use dodgy exploiting apps to open it up, it’s regarded as ‘insecure’ but in reality the only thing that the security is supposed to be protecting against is you.


Also, that argument that if you use one or two Android apps then you might as well give up on privacy completely. That comes straight from the people who want you to give up on privacy. Resistance isn’t futile. Give them as little as you can, and certainly not everything just because you can’t give them nothing.


I think this may be one of the reasons why I would never be able to use Android for more than a few minutes without creating a new hole in my wall :grin:


Exactly. We get reminded of it every time a family or friend ask us to ‘quickly help’ with some problem on their devices. I remember once my sister’s iphone was full even though she’d deleted nearly everything from it. I can’t run du so I can’t help you :smiley:


This, exactly this! I just modified the email client to my liking (instead of just complaining about it)! One of the best part of using SFOS is that if something doesn’t work right, I can fix it myself!


Since you mentioned privacy: I have some of.these apps and keep these on my Idiotphone for reasons of privacy and security. Many of these I do not have at all for the same reason.

(My Idiotphone is an old S4 with Lineage and never active for longer than the ride in a taxi, uber or picking up packets etc.)


With everything you may need to achieve this already provided by the OS. (ssh, terminal, vi).