[Release notes] Suomenlinna 4.3.0

Hi, I got the same problem during update. When system started downloading update to SailfishOS 4.3 I received a message that I have to remove WebPirate and ofono-alien-binder-plugin. I removed WebPirate but not ofono-alien-binder-plugin.
Now, after update finished downloading I have a really long list of packages, that looks like all packages installed in the system.
I downloaded 4.3 update directly after updating from 4.1 to 4.2. The only change in ssu config I made was setting the password.

I successfully install paid Jolla OS 4.3 Version for the Sony Xperia X with the g7-patch (https://github.com/g7/sailfishx-patcher-f5321 on a Sony Xperia X Compact Device.

I know this is officially not supported by Jolla, this Unit will be my “Spare and Play” Smartphon, because i´m heavily interested in alternative Operation Systems. My Daily Driver is a Sony XZ1 Compact (nearly same dimensions like the x Compact) with Lineage 18.1 (Android 11 base) without GApps (don´t need it). Sadly there is no patch for the XZ1 Compact, so i go for the X Compact as spare and emergency Smartphone.