[Release notes] Struven ketju

At least it works on X10 III. Can you open a bug report and attach some screenshot?
Thanks in advance.

@pherjung Bug report done!

Couldn’t upgrade to from with the Setting → Update.

Could update manually to 4.5.16 with:

ssu release
version --dup

Note: Don’t let the phone screen get locked in the middle of the update process. If it happens, you may be able to unlock it again, but the update process can fail. Just wait for the process to restart. At the end reboot.

Now waiting for some time before updating to
NOTE: On a Sony Xperia x10II, I needed to update to, because on I didn’t have the phone, nor the camera, nor the vibrations, etc.
And, yes, reboot with a long press and volume up and wait for the three vibrations.

Yes, same here. And I also have to try restart the service plenty of times.

Do you mean prevent from screen saver during the long download and update time?

Yes, the screen saver, if you prefer.
During the manual update, there are many packages being downloaded and installed. My phone locked the screen a few times, but I was able to unlock it by entering the security code. On the last lock, there was no unlock screen anymore. After a while, the screen came back with the error “RPM failed” (see screenshot) and a retry started automatically. I then keep touching the screen to prevent to lock and the update process finished successfully.

When updating, a way to prevent the phone from going into screen saver is to touch the screen every 10-15 minutes. I always do so.

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The update process may also close the terminal application, which is why I like to have it running in screen instead.

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Android apps are too laggy and slow after upgrade. Before upgrade there aren’t animations in apps and now they are present. Maybe this causes slowliness. Is there any way to make android apps faster?

I’ve made bug report about the same issue, available here [] Android AppSupport poor UI performance. There haven’t been much discussion about the matter and no solutions yet.

Oh, no. Yeah, the hyperlinks missing from the email message. Sharing to WhatsApp, SMS and Signal works correctly, though. Thanks for reporting.


This problem with sd card being no longer recognized is probably due to failing of the card. What puzzles me is that it seem’s to have happened simultaneously with the update. Still it might have happened earlier and I just did not notice.
Anyway, most of my old Linux distros did not recignize the sd card (ext4). Fedora 16 showed it occasionally and I guess I managed to make a some kind of copy from a command line. Though the copy is just one huge file that I do not know how to handle. The copying took hours (usb 2 port, 64gb card). I would like to try to copy the images only. Does someone remember the path to pictures stored to sd card from camera? I have yet to get a new sd card so I can’t figure it out myself.
Thanks and sorry for the probable off-topic.

One file? Did you use dd command? Did you copy partition or whole SD? You’ll probably need to mount that file in Linux.

Pictures are in Pictures/ on root of the SD card.

Good luck. Probably a separate thread would be indeed better if you need more help.

You’re welcome :slight_smile: Copying doesn’t work in the browser either. Only one word can be copied

From release notes:

Sailfish OS does not support downgrading. Never try to downgrade the OS as this would break your device.

Does this mean I should not flash 4.4 if I have installed by flashing? I know it seems pretty obvious but Im not having a good run on Browser playing video has reverted back to a freez and play. OSM scout no gps lock. Gpodder white screen. WIFI wont connect to 2.4G networks. Only 5G.

Up- or downgrading has nothing to do with flashing. You can reflash whatever.


Thanks. Any idea what it means then?

It refers to the process of installing new (and old respectively) packages to swap out some/most of the system. Same as any other updates you install on most regular OSes.

Flashing is writing whole disk images, often from some external connection - i.e. starting over from exactly that image. Then there is nothing left to be incompatible with, no migration paths that would to have a reverse version of them and whatnot.


Ok got it. Thanks for replying.