[release notes] Koli 4.0.1

I ignored the warnings and installed the update without any further issues.

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Wait, this is absolutely ridiculous. I have 10 attempts at unlocking the device. I tried three times in the UI, and two times in recovery mode, so how can my device possibly be locked already?

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Do the dynamic orientation and fullscreen video play work in android apps, e.g. chrome etc. after updating to

Hm, I planned to do this tonight as well, did you use the route with or without device encryption? (I wouldn’t see where the lock code enters without encryption, but I want to be sure)

Some time ago I had a similar problem and was forced to delete the update files to reset the update function to offer the update again.
Possibly this helps:https://together.jolla.com/question/210487/forced-downgrading-after-deactivation-of-the-early-access/

Does anybody else have following issue?:
When choosing an entry from the call-history here comes the dialogue to choose the SIM-card but it immidately disappered, so calling from the call-history is impossible for me.
Sony XA2 Dual Sim (Europe) (was the same in
greetings from a formerly tjc-user


Yes, dynamic orientation works for me without any problems. In full screen mode (e.g. a YouTube video), this is played in landscape format in the browser.
I currently use Opera as my browser.

I followed the route without device encryption, because the Jolla Tablet doesn’t have it.

@treeman yes this happens as well on my Phone (xa2+), I got the impression that’s visible slightly longer on than it was on .45 but still there’s no way to select a SIM.


Yes, in SFOS 3.4.x Opera, Samsung Browser, Firefox had no issues with playing videos in fullscreen/landscape mode, but all Browsers related to Chrome like Chromium, Edge, etc. had this problem. Would be good to know if they work now in, because
in the EA it definitely works :-).

Update on a XA2 (single SIM) to went smooth but update to got me stuck at sony logo.
How to get hybris-recovery.img for to get into recovery??
Do i really have to wait for the release?

Point release of recovery image is not that important. Just use the recent one offered from Jolla downloads.

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Last Version I can download from Jolla is and the recovery image dont worked on my XA2 with Output stops at “download boot.img” and it doesn’t continue. In each text I read (tjc, zendesk) that the version of the recovery image must correspond to that of the installed system.

It sure does work for me, now!

hybris-recovery.img from official Jolla download worked for me today on broken .1.45->.1.48 update.

Yes, approximately. hybris-recovery.img is a tiny linux system that allows you to boot your phone via fastboot (so it has to be corresponding to your hardware). It’s a very basic linux machine. This is not dependent so much on where you’re stuck with your ‘real’ system. Remember that you chroot into your real one and only kernel is shared between the two.

Opera is also based on Chromium. So the Chromium base can’t be the real cause. However, I don’t know exactly if this also applies to the mobile version. (Not “Opera Mini”! ).
I have been using Sailfish in conjunction with Opera as a browser for about 3 years now. Problems have not occurred so far.
However, I would like to switch to a native browser if the functionality is sufficient.

Yes, I can confirm I get the same in XA2 Dual SIM. Definitely a regression bug. I went to SIM default settings and selected “Always ask” for which card to use and the selection menu shows up for like half a second, so it’s impossible to use. I will go ahead and post a bug report…

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For me dynamic orientation in android apps broke after upgrade from 45 to 48 now i have to force landscape or portrait in settings or by opening an app with fixed landscape or portrait.
If i use opera browser then it forces landscape for full-screen video but then it’s stuck in landscape and i need to force portrait.
I didn’t have these problems in 45.
Edit after typing my answer i stopped and restarted android support manually and orientation started working.

I had to manually restart android support for dynamic orientation to start working, a reboot isn’t enough it need to be manually stopped and restarted.

This happened also during the 3.4.x update from EA to final release. It should be reported more detailed as a bug. On my xa2-dual.sim dynamic orientation and playing fullscreen videos in landscape mode worked in chrom-based and other browsers well, then stopped working on most browsers after update to final 3.4.x final release.