[release notes] Koli 4.0.1

I recommend to download from the official website: https://signal.org/android/apk/


I use Aptoide: https://en.aptoide.com
As it happens, I updated Signal to 5.4.6 a minute ago.

Is Aptoide a secure repository?

And I also see that that Signal address is not native to Sailfish, but to Android, right ? No native apps?

So far it has been as good as any Android repo. Always check what you are installing. Secure is not a word I would use with any Android shop.

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There is an unofficial native app with a lot of development activity underway. Have a look here:

You can download the app from OpenRepos:

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:+1: Thanks @cquence. Maybe it will end up being what I’m really looking for. I just installed Sailfish on my XA2 ultra two days ago, and for now I don’t want to pollute it with anything Android related.


I like your attitude @ebohoyod :slight_smile: Once I tried to do the same but not any more - it was just too much work. Now I have a Sailfish phone for daily use and an Android phone (pardon my Klatchian) that I use to run those Android applications that have none or not good enough native support.

I understand it perfectly. To be honest, I must say that my phone usage is very, very specific, in line with my idiosyncrasy, which I must also admit is very rare these days. So when I checked out all that Sailfish had to offer, I understood that it was made for me. Just to give an example:
Actually, installing Signal for me would be a frivolity these days. I use Telegram and, in fact, yesterday I installed the Android version, but I immediately uninstalled it, because its Sailfish client (Fernschreiber) meets my real needs with Telegram.
But yes, you are right. For most users, Android apps are still indispensable for the time being.

By the way, I also want to try Yottagram as a native Telegram client for Sailfish. But while I was now looking at the whisperfish case, I realize that I don’t know where to start with Openrepos. is there any basic tutorial for a newcomer like me? I don’t understand how I should install openrepos first, and from there on I can’t figure out anything either.

It’s a bit unfortunate to post this in the 4.0 thread, but Whisperfish is currently unable to register a new account on SailfishOS 4.0, due to [] Regression in rendering of reCAPTCHA in sailfish-components-webview

So if you still haven’t updated to 4.0, please do register first on your 3.4 and then do the upgrade :’-)

You can download the “Storeman” application from OpenRepos, installing it would be either in the terminal, or enabling “Untrusted software” will allow you to install the file within the Transfers section of the Settings, or in the file browsers. Since you’re likely using your phone, avoid anything relating to i486. The current version is meant for, but aside from a few bugs, will still run in

Once it’s installed, you need only select an app you wish to install, use the pulley to “add repository” of the user who made the application, and then you’ll be free to install the app. Adding a repository also makes many apps by that user available to download, and Storeman will monitor those repos when any updates come through. OpenRepos is generally used for software that Jolla can’t or won’t support in the native store since it may not follow Jolla’s store guidelines. It’s also a good venue for trying beta versions of programs that eventually end up on the store. As you mentioned Fernschreiber, beta versions end up on OpenRepos before they head to the store.

Certain applications cause problems when updating Sailfish, and some programs can break the OS altogether if they aren’t meant for that version. For that reason, OpenRepos and the Storeman app can’t be held responsible for anything that may break your system, or result in loss of data. Simply take precautions, check the descriptions and changelogs to make sure those programs have been updated or are working under your version of Sailfish.


Many thanks. After this explanation, it seems to me that I don’t need much more research :smiley:

How do I check the Android version? Updated to, but Aida64 shows me Android 8.1 (Oreo) APK 27.
This is the old version

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Don’t think there is anything broken in the applications themselves, but rather something to do with AlienDalvik. I had problems with Android apps altogether not being able to fetch new data from Internet after the phone transitioned out of the reach of WLAN into mobiledata (no problems with native apps). This regression started for me at some update 3.x (can’t remember witch, 3.1 or 3.2 probably).

I haven’t tested if it has been fixed already because since the problem appeared, I was too lazy not to reflash to see if it would fix this, I just used plain mobiledata until 4.0 update on my phone (yay for uncapped data subscriptions) and since 4.0 update I haven’t tested moving out of the reach of WLAN yet.

See my videos like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yvM-dzdbOlA

A very didactic, clear and concise video. I had not seen it yet (these days I’m watching some videos from your channel from my Freetube on my plasma desktop). I guess I haven’t come across it before because it was not among the most recent videos. I really appreciate your contribution.
During the video you say something about the convenience of installing Patchmanager. what is it really for?

Patchmanager is for patching the system for some UI changes (like bigger spacebar in the keyboard for example) and others.

I have the same problem with Bluetooth and XPERIA X (two devices(single and dual sim). It connects perfectly after restarting both devices. As soon as I disconnect once it is not possible to reconnect a Sennheiser MB Pro 2 headphone again. It started started after updating to Never had that problem before.

:ok_hand:@leszek Gotcha. An application with a “cosmetic” spirit. That’s good to be aware of. I myself may, at a given moment, decide that a certain aesthetic modification on some application may be more functional. You never know.