Rebooting after turning off


I’m pretty new to the sailfish community and maybe the question is stupid but I didn’t find a solution. I use an Sony Xperia 10 where I flashed sailfish os. But when I try to turn of the phone it often just reboots and I need 2-3 tries to turn it finally of. What part did I miss or is this a bug? Thanks in advance!


Hi! This is a bug, i also have it. But its new, as it wasn’t there before. I switch off the phone and sometimes shutdown works normally, sometimes not. For me it seems that the phone is crashing and therefore restarting. As you will see a red light as for the force restart. I am on on Xperia X


Hi Firefox84, thanks for your answer! Hopefully the bug is fixed soon because it’s pretty annoying!


Coming to the bedroom with the mobile as light and then having the phone rebooting 3x with a blending white screen while turning off, doesn’t please my girlfriend :smiley: So i know what you are talking about :stuck_out_tongue: @Jolla, please fix this :slight_smile:


Already reported in (and on tjc in

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My two Xperia 10’s always reboot after turn off if charger is plugged in, but seldom reboot if charger is plugged out.