Re-flash from SFOS to Android

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Maybee this topic already has a thread, I did not find one in the first 5 minutes…

Q: Is there a way to “back-port” my mobile from SFOS to Android?
The Sony EMMA app is only supported by Windows, so not an option for many users deliberately choosing to go Linux.

How can I fully remove SFOS from my device?
(X III, XA2)

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another option would be to sell the SFOS phone here and buy yourself a new Android phone. As officially supported Sony phones meanwhile are hard to get, some users may be very thankful to get your unlocked and flashed SFOS phone.


I recently did this for an XA2 Ultra, with a GNU/Linux laptop: Blog article

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Thanks a lot for the first useful comments.

I will try and see if I can re-flash first…

Sorry ohnonot,

Do you have a
step-by-step guide ?

Do I need to de-install SFOS first?
Or do I just flash with the Android-flash-tool, “on top of” the existing SFOS.

Sorry, I am a little confused…


This is not what porting means. Porting is the process of producing the software to install, not the act of installing it. Can you please edit the topic and posts to not propagate this confusion?

Please don’t post the same question in multiple threads. (This whole topic is a duplicate; and now that you have found out - please just let it die).

…and i already answered you in the other thread.


What @attah said.