Revert Android - Xperia X II

I use this tutorial to flash Sailfish os 4:

Now I want to revert to android, where I could find a similar tutorial?
Do I need to install Emma (only on windows)?

Seems you are mixing Xperia models quite a bit. There is no “X II”, and the link you posted is for the 10 (I). I can only assume you mean 10 II? Using the wrong instructions, and especially the wrong files, will have bad consequences.

There aren’t really any official instructions for going back (edit: my bad, see next post) - but yes, indeed Emma is your best bet. It probably doesn’t need much in the ways on instructions to use. If it is a mac tool you are after, newflasher is probably your best bet. I don’t know of any tutorials for it, but should be very googlable.

Edit: and i guess xperifirm for getting the firmware.

First, these are the Mac installation instructions for Xperia 10 II:

Then, the instructions for reverting Android with Emma:

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