Questions about the Jolla C2 Community Phone

It will most likely have AOSP under Sailish, so Android kernel, I guess

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Dual SIM (nano) + microSD

Does that mean, this is finally a device with a separate microSC slot, not overlapping with the SIM slots and allo three slots can be used at the same time?

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To others it might not be important, but in my case, i would like to buy a product that is completely google free.

It might sound a bit exaggerated, but it’s the way i prefer.

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How can one be 100% sure of that?

Is there anyway to find out more about it?

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Please define “Google Free” and what the Linux Kernel has to do with it.

You are not going to find a phone that is capable of running Android (like the C2 very likely is) running a kernel without Binder for example. Which is Android-specific and coming from Google.

And that is also in the mainline kernel.

You also will not find a “mainline” kernel without any Google contributions in it.

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Thanks for asking @sebix . Yes, there are 3 separate slots in the tray.


If you use the voucher you get €50 off from the price, so you and paying €249.

The voucher codes are delivered for each when final payment opens (by the end of July 2024).